By Tarran Street, on November 10, 2014

Helping fliers find happiness

Very few travelers take vacations just to fly. That said, starting a trip with the seat or flight that best fits your needs without paying a penny more is happiness.

At Expedia, we pride ourselves on delivering fast, accurate, and reliable flight searches for our millions of customers, and our sites do an excellent job of pinpointing the best flight routes and lowest prices available for any given trip. But with widespread availability of flight results, travelers need more specific details and insights about their options before they’re ready to book.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Routehappy. As part of the partnership, we’re bringing the company’s definitive and unbiased flight rating system directly to Expedia’s travel search. We’re using data from Routehappy Scores & Happiness Factors API so travelers searching for flights on can view info about their flights, including aircraft, seats, layout, the availability of WiFi, entertainment options, power options, and more.

For me, knowing a plane will have power is a key element in choosing my flight, since being able to charge my devices while on the go is critical.

With this type of helpful information now on our site, Expedia customers can feel confident they’re getting the best prices and route options for flights, and that they are selecting the best quality options that fit their individual needs and preferences. We also think this will help ensure they have a better trip experience overall.

Above you’ll find a preview of how the new Routehappy content is integrated into the flight search experience on We’re rolling it out to a selection of flights across the United States to start, and we plan to expand the content integration around the world. We encourage you to check it out firsthand next time you’re planning a trip.