By Chloe Mulliner, on July 17, 2019

Where to Find the Best Cheap Eats in Atlantic City

The first thing you think of when you hear “Atlantic City” may be the boardwalk, the casinos, or even the beach. But when you visit Atlantic City, you’re going to need to stay fueled up to keep up. Not sure what to eat in Atlantic City? This New Jersey gem has you covered, from jersey-style hot dogs and pork rolls to amazingly fresh seafood.

There’s lots to see and do here, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of funds for the boardwalk games and casinos. To help preserve your wallet, we put together this insider’s scoop on the best cheap places to eat in Atlantic City, as well as tips for making the most of entire trip.

Even spending just a few days in this iconic beach town is enough to take your taste buds on a world cuisine tour they won’t forget. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

1. Maria’s Luncheonette

Whether you’re an early riser or the casino got the best of your pre-noon hours, Maria’s Luncheonette is a good bet to start off your day. They stay open until 3 p.m. daily and serve breakfast right up until then. Craving a simple breakfast sandwich? Ready to put back their Italian sausage sub? You can do both for under $10.

2. Barbera Seafood Market

Locals know Barbera Seafood Market as a hot spot with some of the freshest seafood around, but it’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. With reasonable prices and a la carte options, you can feed your wildest cravings. Want extra shrimp without the fries? No problem; order by the piece and simply pay by the weight.

3. The Continental

You can’t leave this beach town without enjoying at least one meal over the water. There are a lot of pricey options for Atlantic City boardwalk restaurants, but with many of The Continental’s dinner entrees under $20, some even less than $10, this is your key to affordable beachfront dining. Ready to try something different? Order the French onion soup dumplings! You can thank us later.

4. White House Subs

The City of Brotherly Love isn’t the only place you can enjoy a delicious Philly cheesesteak—just ask anyone who has been to White House Subs. Even if you aren’t a cheesesteak fan, try their famous White House Special, which might have more meat than the meatpacking district to the north. Can’t decide which one to order? No problem; all of their subs can be ordered as half-subs, so try a little of each and enjoy one of the best places to eat in Atlantic City.

5. Tony Boloney’s

Not ready to give up your patch of sand just to find lunch? Make a quick run to Tony Boloney’s and grab a slice of pizza—or an entire pie—to go and enjoy two of the best indulgences in one: pizza and the beach! Located just one block from the beach and offering more unique combinations than you can imagine, (including vegan and gluten-free options), you’re sure to please any craving that comes your way.

6. Hot Bagels & More 

Egg, cheese, and pork roll sandwiches—that’s how you start the day in the Garden State, and with several locations throughout this beach town, Hot Bagels & More offers some of the best cheap eats in Atlantic City. There’s a reason many visitors opt to leave the casinos for a quick breakfast at this no-frills hidden gem: all of their breakfast options are under $10. It’s worth the short drive!

7. Bill’s Gyro Souvlaki

The Atlantic Ocean may not sparkle like the Mediterranean, but after a meal at Bill’s Gyro Souvlaki you’ll have a hard time remembering you’re not actually in Greece. This jewel does a great job of appeasing the traditional Greek cuisine lovers and their diehard New Jersey counterparts. No matter which camp you fall into, be sure to try the gyro and souvlaki platter deluxe. Does the Italian sausage platter deluxe appeal to you more? No problem, you can get any of their specialties for under $15, so let your taste buds decide!

8. Empire Kitchen

What better way to maximize your food budget than ordering family-style? Empire Kitchen has all your Asian cuisine preferences covered, including clay pots, ramen, sizzling pans, bento boxes, and traditional dishes like kung pao chicken. How can you go wrong? If you go with a group, be sure to order a variety of dishes to try it all, and with most of their chef’s specials being under $15, your wallet is likely to leave as full as your stomach.

Want to know how to save even more on the best places to eat in Atlantic City? Here are some travel-tested tips for eating like a king (or queen) at this seaside getaway:

  • Looking for cheap buffets in Atlantic City? Check out the casino buffets during lunchtime to snag better deals than the standard dinner prices.
  • Book a hotel in Atlantic City with a kitchen and cook your own meals with local ingredients. You’re right on the Atlantic Ocean, so there’s plenty of fresh seafood markets to scout.
  • Skip the sit-down restaurants and grab some takeaway to enjoy right on the sand.
  • Time is money, so skip the long lines at the Hard Rock Café and purchase a priority seating package, which includes a 2-course meal and a drink.
  • Want to sample a variety of places and cuisines? Start your trip off with a food tour and sample from the city’s many restaurants.

Now that you know what and where to eat in Atlantic City, add some Atlantic City attractions to your itinerary! When you enjoy Atlantic City on a budget with these cheap eats, you’re bound to have a great time!

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