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Known for Historical Buildings, Walking and Castles

Become an amateur archaeologist in this multilayered seaside city, which features Turkish mosques, Venetian palaces, Greek acropolises and Mycenaean ruins.

How do you get to Nafplio?

Due to a long history of passing from one ruling civilization to another, Nafplio is a city of beautiful and diverse ruins. Walk among the remains of a Mycenaean acropolis, take a boat to a tiny, island-bound Venetian Castle of Bourtzi and learn the regional history in local museums.

Nafplio rests in the shadow of a rocky peninsula and a hill south of town rising 709 feet (216 meters). Explore both to see the remains of palaces from two different civilizations. Climb up the 999 steps to the top of the hill to explore the Fortress of Palamidi, built by Venetians in the 1700s. Head down the hill and out onto the peninsula, where you will find the ruins of a grand Greek acropolis called the Acronafplia.

From the peninsula, you will have a clear view of the Castle of Bourtzi, which stands on a small island to the north. Take a boat to the island to explore the castle.

Additional ruins can be found a few miles north of town, where the Mycenaean metropolis of Ancient Tiryns once stood. Tour the well-preserved ruins of the Acropolis, which was built around 1600 B.C.

Many of the artifacts found at the Tiryns dig site can be viewed in the Nafplio Archaeological Museum, which stands within a stately 1713 Venetian building. Learn about the development of the Argolis area from prehistoric times through Late Antiquity. Find more artifacts at the Komboloi Museum, which exhibits a collection of noisemaking bead bracelets popular in Greek culture.

To enjoy some time relaxing, drive 5.6 miles (9 kilometers) south to Tolo Beach. Since it is surrounded by resort hotels, the large beach can be crowded, so visit early in the day.

Arrive in Greece through the international airport in Athens, and then drive 104 miles (170 kilometers) southwest to reach Nafplio. The city center is compact, so you can generally get around on foot. However, with so many archaeological sites scattered around the area, you may want to rent a car to explore.

Things to do in Nafplio

Admire the well-preserved fortifications of this Venetian fortress and then enjoy spectacular views of the wild beauty of Nafplio’s coastline.

Relax on this small beach, take an invigorating swim in the warm water of the Argolic Gulf and enjoy picturesque coastal walks.

Enjoy a short boat ride to this offshore Venetian castle, which affords superb views back to Nafplio and is the host of live music events. 

Wander the ruins of this ancient fortress to enjoy unrivaled views of Nafplio’s historic Old Town and the northern bay of the Argolic Gulf.

Explore the waterfront in Nafplion City Centre with a trip to Port of Nafplio. While you're in the area, stroll along the beautiful beaches.

Visit the social heart of Nafplio to admire a legacy of neoclassical architecture, visit an archaeology museum and people-watch from a café patio.

This quirky museum is devoted to worry beads, a popular souvenir item in Nafplio, and displays examples made from amber, coral and bone. 

Discover a fascinating collection of artifacts and antiquities that represent the cultures, myths and legends of Greece’s Argolis region.

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Wander through the charming avenues of Nafplio on this guided culinary tour that exposes you to delicious local flavors and reveals some of the most renowned attractions in the city. Taste fine cheeses, wines, coffees, and ice creams as you walk past Syntagma Square and St.

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Check out the Peloponnese with a tour to the major sites of the peninsula, from ancient Mycenae to the Corinth Canal. This outing lets you explore the legacy of one of Greece's first great centers of culture, with visits to settlements that date back through more than 4,000 years of history.

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Immerse yourself in the flavorful world of authentic Greek cuisine during a small-group cooking class that's followed by a delicious lunch. Choose to create one of 5 menus, guided by expert instruction from a local chef equipped with the freshest seasonal ingredients and loads of Greek cooking know-how.

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Ride a horse through the beautiful landscape around Nafplio. Combine the already unforgettable excitement of horseback riding with a sense of adventure, as you witness gorgeous seascapes and Nafplio's many ancient fortresses.

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Spend an afternoon kayaking in the beautiful harbor of Nafplio. Begin in the harbor, and kayak along the coast to enjoy gorgeous views of the town's castle, secluded beaches, and secret views only accessible from the water.

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Uncover the weathered remains of great Greek civilizations as you scope out the ruins around Corinth, Mycenae, and Epidaurus on this adventurous excursion. Snap photos of the massive boulders of the Cyclopean walls, learn about Epidaurus' healing center reputation, and visit the Corinth Canal.