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10 Things You Can Only Buy in Paris

Far from Eiffel Tower keychains and felt berets, Paris has an array of unique gifts that you can only get in the city. From delectable confections that reflect the wonder and taste of Paris to antique books and artisan perfumes, you’ll find a range of items that you should bring home from a shopping trip to this enchanting city.

parisian boulangerie
Parisian Boulangerie

Bouquins of Paris

Also known as the Bouquinistes, the Bouquins are booksellers who set up stalls on the banks of the Seine. They specialize in the sale of large collections and rare or antique books that aren’t available in most bookstores. An old Parisian phrase calls the Seine the “river that runs between 2 bookshelves,” and there’s no experience quite like buying antique books in the open air of the tranquil riverside.

bouquinistes of paris
Bouquinistes of Paris


Thïonade is one of the culinary wonders that arose from Paris. This delicious blend of olives, garlic, and tomatoes in a paste is a delightful culinary experience. Often paired with crackers and cheese or a fresh-baked baguette, Thïonade is an artisanal treat for a discerning palate. Best of all, it’s a fully natural product that’s free from artificial colors and flavors, handmade in the Provence region.

Angelina Chocolate

Angelina is one of the best-known tea and chocolate parlors in all of Paris. Originating in 1903 by a producer named Antoine Rumpelmayer, the parlor is one of the trendiest in the entire city. Some of the most famous Parisians spend time at Angelina’s, including Coco Chanel. Though several have popped up all over the city, the local favorite is in the 1st arrondissement.

Parisian Chocolatiers

Boîte Gourmande

Boîte gourmande is available all through the city and one of Paris’ most iconic treats. The colorful tins are decorated with famous Parisian landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, making them a great option for a souvenir to take home to a loved one. Inside, you’ll find gourmet biscuits produced on-site.

Homemade Perfume

In Le Marais, the fashion district of Paris, homemade perfumes are a growing industry. You’ll find perfume studios throughout the city that allow you to sample handmade perfumes from local vendors or even take part in your own creation. Taking home your own perfume is an incredible souvenir of your trip, especially when it’s from one of the most stylish and iconic cities in the world.

Buly Soap

Buly soap is the creation of Jean-Vincent Bully, a famous distiller, perfumer, and cosmetician who lived on Rue Saint-Honoré in 1803. He used exotic flowers to create unique perfumes, many of which inspired Balzac in the depiction of Parisian life. The notable shop still stands in Paris, offering soaps that combine contemporary science with ancient recipes and natural ingredients.

soaps paris
Trover Photo by Marc de Vos, Soaps in Paris

Parisian Tea

Parisian tea is unlike any other tea in the world. Comptoirs Richard produces organically perfumed bio tea, which is themed with the top landmarks of Paris. You can take home the delicious tea marked with icons like Champs de Mars, Latin Quarter, and L’arc de Triomphe to remember your experience in the city.

Rive Droite Tote Bags

The Rive Droite tote bags are hand-painted, reversible, and made exclusively in Paris. The collection is composed of only 15 to 20 pieces, and they’re unique works of art that can only be found in the city. There’s even a new collection that combines the energy of downtown New York City with the appeal of Paris in the left and right banks of the Seine. Because they’re handmade and limited, the tote bags are something to grab before they’re gone.

Parisian Sequins

Paris has always been a hub of style, offering new trends and fashions each year. You can find plenty of unique accessories in Parisian stores, but the sequined goods at Philippe Audibert’s store are one of the most desirable. Each sequin is hand-stitched and crafted with care, providing a stunning fashion statement piece.

Bellota-Bellota Hams

Byzance is known for excellent products like smoked salmon, caviar, and Iberian ham that offer a unique sensory experience. Bellota-Bellota hams are one of the top products, boasting a world of flavor and texture with complete traceability. The hams specify everything from the details of feed to the percentage of Iberian breed, and all are hand-sliced by professional Master Cortadors for the ideal culinary experience.

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