By Lara Vukelich, on September 24, 2016

6 best places to travel to in November

Spark up your backyard fire pit and sharpen your pumpkin-carving knife: Autumn is officially here. While there may be lots of leaf piles to jump in at home, now is also a great time to plan a fall vacation. Peak travel season is behind us in many parts of the world, so you can score low fares on flights and awesome hotel room rates. Whether you have a family trip in mind, want to surprise your sweetie with a romantic vacation, or plan to go at it solo, there are a variety of great destinations ripe for exploration. Here are six of the best places to travel in November—prepare for your Instagram to get a lot more awesome.

Savannah, GA


It’s best to show up to Savannah with an empty stomach. This Southern peach isn’t just one of the best places to travel in the fall, it’s also one of the region’s tastiest destinations. If you’re wondering where to go in November and you have a pair of stretch-waist pants, Savannah was made for you. In the middle of the month, the city hosts the Savannah Food and Wine Festival, which is just as delicious as it sounds. Experience Southern hospitality while you savor fine cuisine and enjoy the Grand Reserve wine tasting. During the third weekend of the month, enjoy the Artists, Crafters, and Entertainment Festival, where you can purchase handcrafted art and listen to live music. Cheap flights to Savannah will have you basking in Southern charm in no time.

Khumbu, Nepal

If you’re wondering where to travel in November and want a new passport stamp to brag about, consider a jaunt to Nepal. The Festival of Lights (Diwali) is observed around the world, but this celebration is especially revered in places like Khumbu. Coinciding with the Hindu New Year, Diwali includes religious celebrations, fireworks displays, and other lively affairs. Day 2 of this 5-day celebration is Kukur Tihar, which is dedicated to celebrating man’s best friend: dogs. Also held in November is Mani Rimdu, which lasts for 19 days and includes public festivals and dancing.

Dubai, United Arab of Emirates

Dubai is known for its extravagance, and there is certainly no shortage of things for the adventurous traveler to explore here. Check out the camel races—held at the Dubai Camel Racing Club—then make your way to the Burj Khalifa observation decks. You won’t have any trouble finding a picture-perfect view from a vantage point more than 100 stories in the air. Don’t forget to check out the International Coffee and Tea Festival and taste test some stellar international brews. At the end of the day, meticulously designed Dubai hotels are waiting to dazzle you with their amenities and décor.

Viewfinder Tip: If you visit the Burj Khalifa observation decks with kids, request a special children’s audio tour.

Mexico City, Mexico

 Mexico City is always a hub of culture and activity, but it really starts to buzz with energy in the fall, making it one of the best places to visit in November. Celebrate Revolution Day, when the city comes alive with bazaars and parades. The event serves as a commemoration of a 10-year revolution, and a notable energy dances through the air. Day of the Dead is also recognized during this time of year, so you’re bound to see colorful shrines on graves and throughout the city during the first days of November. Take day trips to spots like the Diego Rivera Museum, which sets up a special display for the annual celebration.

Phoenix, AZ

 By November, Phoenix’s sweltering summer temperatures have disappeared for the year, meaning you can stay outside without fear of wilting. When you make your way to the desert this fall, be sure to check out the nearby Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook-Off in the middle of November. This gratis, family-friendly event includes a historically themed cooking demonstration and enough food to feed a stampede of cowboys. Grab a fork and dig into hearty menu items like meat, potatoes, and cobbler. And yes, there are plenty of local hiking trails, in case you’re looking for ideas for burning off your meal.

Whistler, BC

 Whistler is always aflutter with outdoor activities, from skiing to zip lining. Best of all, many things to do in Whistler afford a backdrop that looks like it was ripped from a postcard. Come autumn, this Canadian playground hosts Cornucopia, an annual food and drink extravaganza. You can sample wine, beer, tapas, and chef-prepared gourmet meals. Follow up your epicurean adventure with a trip down the slopes, and you’re guaranteed one of the best vacations in November.

Where will you travel this November?