By Lara Vukelich, on August 14, 2015

6 Best places to travel to in September

End-of-summer blues got you down? When all that’s left of your fun in the sun is the faint scent of Coppertone® in your laundry basket and that pool noodle you can’t bring yourself to take out of the trunk, there is still hope on the horizon. After all, winter isn’t here yet, and with any luck an Indian Summer is waiting just around the corner. Why not hit the road (or friendly skies) this September with one last getaway before the chaos of the holiday season descends? In case you’re at a loss for where to book a ticket, here are a few ideas that befit all types of travelers. From Europe to the South Pacific, these are the best places to travel in September!

Bora Bora

If you’re an avid Pinterest user—or you just daydream about tropical vacations a lot—you’ve seen photos of Bora Bora. People are specifically intrigued by the over-water bungalows so popular to visitors, which allow unparalleled access to the sea and a morning view you won’t soon forget. If you visit this tropical paradise at the end of September, you will be met with the celebrations for World Tourism Day. Singing, dancing, and other festivities mark this day when locals appreciate local tourism.

Melbourne, Australia

Viewfinder tip: For the most spectacular view of Melbourne, head to the top of the Eureka Tower for dinner and drinks.

Summer has not quite arrived in Melbourne in September, but spring is in the air and the climate is comfortable. Stick your toes in the sand, gab with Aussies at a downtown pub, and taste-test some Vegemite if you can handle a salty local treat. The Fringe Festival takes place each year in Melbourne to celebrate independent artists of all sorts, and you are welcome to join in the revelry. Prepare for music, theater, and vibrant art installations.

Telluride, Colorado

As if the postcard-perfect mountains weren’t enough reason to head to Colorado, Telluride tempts you to Rocky Mountain country with events and festivals. The four-day Telluride Film Festival takes place in September, where you’re bound to rub elbows with a few celebrities as you take in some new films. Near the middle of the month, The Telluride Blues and Brews Festival marries music and beer in this picturesque locale.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Water lovers and gondola aficionados never need a reason to visit Venice. In September, though, there are a few extra reasons to visit the beautiful backdrops bestowed upon guests of northeast Italy. The Venice Film Festival takes place at the start of the month and serves up a feast of cinema from around the world. The oldest film festival on the planet, this event remains well-respected and exciting. In between some bruschetta and an evening screening, check out the Regata Storica in early September. This rowing event is characterized by costume characters as well as racing competitions. Venice hotels let you stay close to the action, but many book up in advance.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Come September, the throngs of summer visitors in Jackson Hole have gone home, leaving in their wake cheaper room rates. Add an emerging chill in the air, and autumn is a lovely time to visit Wyoming. Between fly fishing and hiking, you won’t run out of things to do in Jackson Hole. Of course, you also have the opportunity to partake in the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival this time of year. One of the best cultural events in the Rocky Mountain West region, this festival charms locals and visitors alike with stunning artwork and music.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is no stranger to sacred temples, majestic gardens, and cultural traditions as storied as the imperial palaces dotting the landscape. And while flights to Kyoto are long-haul, the stunning beauty of the city makes the trek well worth it. In addition, Kyoto is one of the best spots to visit for meaningful rituals and festivals this fall. The Hassaku-sai Festival has Buddhists and sumo wrestlers dancing to ask the gods for favorable weather, while the Choyo no Sechi-e Festival celebrates the chrysanthemum.

Which destination will you explore this September?