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7 infinity pools worth planning a trip for

Defying the senses with their dramatic geometry, and offering the most amazing views you can imagine, the best Instagram-worthy infinity pools are like optical illusions you can step physically into. Pack that swimsuit and prepare to be wowed by the most stunning infinity pools around the world.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Welcome to the world’s highest infinity pool, where the water’s edge seems to become a part of the gleaming Singapore cityscape. Perched 55 stories up in the sky, and attached to the world’s most expensive hotel and casino, the sheer beauty of this rooftop infinity pool has made it a popular Instagram hashtag, and one of the major reasons travelers can’t help flocking to Marina Bay Sands. Saying that, the prospect of catching one of the hotel’s spectacular theater shows is another very good reason to settle in.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Perhaps the most photographed pool in the world, the Hanging Gardens of Bali provides a stunning, almost god-like perspective on the lush, green jungles of Ubud. Nestled amid bamboos and cocoa trees, the multi-tiered infinity pool gives you the uncanny sense of floating magically above the rainforest canopy. You can sip cocktails as the sun sets, and gaze down on wildlife-filled thickets where monkeys frolic and sloths hang from trees, in a vision of paradise you’ll be itching to immortalize on Instagram.

Hanging Gardens of Bali
Hanging Gardens of Bali Hotel, Indonesia

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania

The Serengeti is synonymous with majestic wildlife, from lions to zebras to elephants, but some of its human-made marvels are equally spectacular. Take the infinity pool at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, which is the perfect, shimmering oasis for cooling off and having a well-deserved break after exploring the epic landscape of the Serengeti National Park. Its prime position overlooking an animal watering hole means you can look out on herds of elephants having a refreshing drink while you enjoy a tall cocktail yourself.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge
Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania

Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand

Admire the beauty of Thailand from an unforgettable vantage point by stepping into the Anantara Golden Triangle infinity pool. It’s one of the jewels of a deluxe resort that’s set deep within the verdant Mekong Valley, overlooking the border with Laos and Myanmar. This jungle getaway is famed for allowing guests to interact with its herd of elephants, but the pool may just steal the show. Especially when you swim to its edge to soak up views of rainforests filled with playful monkeys.

Anantara Golden Triangle
Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand

The Cambrian Hotel Adelboden, Switzerland

The thought of swimming outdoors in the Swiss Alps may have you rubbing your arms and saying “Brrrr”, but worry not. The infinity pool at the Cambrian is heated to just the right temperature for a soothing dip, making it the perfect place to unwind and soothe your limbs after a day’s hiking or skiing. The hotel’s sleek modern design, clad in the neutral tones of slate and wood, give it a sense of Scandinavian serenity, but the mountain views from the outdoor thermal infinity pool will leave you in no doubt about where you are.

Hotel Cambrian Adelboden
The Hotel Cambrian Adelboden in Switzerland

Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii

Like the idea of swimming in the longest infinity pool in the US? Take a trip to the Sheraton Waikiki, where the waters of the pool seem to flow gently into the Pacific Ocean itself. Of course, that’s the kind of surreal illusion that makes infinity pools so compelling. It’s just a stroll from world-famous Waikiki Beach, but you’ll be forgiven for spending most of your stay basking in the pool. Perhaps sitting back on one of the floating bean bags, cocktail in hand?

Jade Mountain Resort

An infinity pool in the Caribbean. There’s a combination you can’t not want to immediately photograph. Overlooking water and rugged, emerald-green mountain scenery alike, the resort has been designed to blend beautifully with the dreamy coastal setting, and offers the chance to go scuba diving amid coral reefs and relax on soft, sandy beaches. And then there are the infinity pools, plural. Almost all of the abodes, or sanctuaries, have their own private infinity pools, so you won’t be competing for space with anyone but your loved one. The pools are also illuminated at night, adding to the other-worldly atmosphere of the Jade Mountain experience.

Jade Mountain Resort Infinity Pool
Jade Mountain Resort Infinity Pool, St. Lucia

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