By Camille Meyers, on August 7, 2020

Creative, Unique, and Weird Virtual Tours

If you’ve already made pounds of pasta with an Italian grandma and virtually toured the entire Louvre twice, it’s time to shake things up while exploring the world from home. Unique virtual tours let you hunt for clues about Jack the Ripper, engage your senses with a perfume workshop, and dance like Zorba the Greek. If you’re looking to make life at home a little more interesting, try one of these weird virtual tours.

Online Jack the Ripper Murder Mystery

Online Jack the Ripper murder mystery on a laptop screen

Have you binge watched all of Sherlock or ever planned a vacation around a true crime location? Then, this Jack the Ripper online murder mystery tour is for you. Hunt down clues about the infamous Jack the Ripper while virtually walking the streets of London with your knowledgeable guide. More than just a Zoom call, this interactive virtual tour includes suspect cards, quizzes, and gruesome crime scene images. Put on your deerstalker cap and prepare for this one-of-a-kind online adventure.

Virtual Perfume Masterclass from Italy

Bottles filled with colorful liquids for an online perfume making workshop

Immerse yourself in the scents of Tuscany without having to leave your living room with this virtual perfume-making masterclass. Once you order your experience, you’re shipped a kit containing perfume-making materials. This includes 20 essential oils produced from ancient Tuscan plants. Then, video chat with your expert apothecary guide to learn how to create your own custom scent. This weird virtual tour is sure to be an olfactory delight.

Amsterdam Cabinet of Curiosities

Amsterdam cabinet of curiosities virtual tour guide showing you his house

Meet Sebastian, a self-proclaimed history geek who lives in Amsterdam. Normally he leads walking tours of the city, but now he invites you into his home to learn about Amsterdam through his cabinet of curiosities. Explore city maps, find out why carrots are orange, and discover the connection between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Ask questions via video chat about Dutch history and see why Sebastian’s enthusiasm makes this one of the most engaging and unique virtual tours.

Cats of Athens Self-Guided Virtual Experience

A cat walking around ancient ruins in Athens

While exploring ancient Athenian ruins, learn about what really matters—the many, many cats that call this place home. This Cats of Athens virtual experience takes you around the city to delve into the history, stories, and mythos of the city’s mousers. From exotic pets like cheetahs to Mechlempe, the imperial Byzantine cat that dined on golden plates, discover the fascinating history of cats in Athens. Feline fans, this weird virtual tour is for you.

Live Online Concert & Music Quiz

Man at a piano giving a private virtual concert

Do you miss going to live concerts? Well, bring the concert to you with this Live Concert and Music Quiz virtual experience. Video chat with professional musician Francesco in Milan and turn up the volume as he serenades you with a personalized keyboard concert. From classical Italian compositions or a more modern beat—Francesco can do it all. Then, test your musical knowledge with an interactive music quiz as part of this unique virtual tour.

Dance like Zorba the Greek Virtual Experience

Two people on the beach doing a Greek dance

Opa! It’s time to dance! And not just any dance—learn to dance like Zorba the Greek. Take a virtual trip to Greece via video chat and meet up with Yorgos, an actor with a passion for dance. Pour yourself a refreshing glass of ouzo or wine and let yourself get a little silly as you learn the steps of this traditional Greek dance. While you’re moving your feet to the beat, hear stories about the Greek god Dionysus, typical Greek dances, and folk festivals in Greece. This is the perfect virtual tour to escape the ordinary for a while.

Which creative, unique, or weird virtual tours most interest you?