By Expedia Guest Author, on December 20, 2016

Late Night Guide to NYC

New York, New York—a legendary city and a dream destination. Be it food, sports, music or architecture, the city has always got something going on. But in the city that never sleeps, what should you plan for the night?

Going for a drink and something to eat is a great way to get introduced to the nightlife. Socialize with the locals and you will soon get the hang of the place. You might want to start at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, a now legendary venue that stays open until 4 a.m. With a bar, restaurant and lounge, you’ll be sure to find the pace that fits you.

Afterwards you can chill at the Juvenex Spa in Koreatown. They’re open around the clock, massage at 3 a.m.? No problem.

Or if you’re looking for something a bit more competitive, how about bowling? New York has some very special alleys, and many of them never close. Eat hot dogs, drink beer and bowl the night—or morning—away.

Our new infographic lists some of the best attractions to hit once the sun has set. From stunning sights to poetry nights, you won’t waste a New York minute during your stay. Sure, you could book a hotel for the night but you can sleep when you’re dead, right?

Late Night Guide to NYC


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