By Expedia Guest Author, on April 7, 2018

How to make your stars align for your spring getaway

Your flight is booked, bikinis ordered, all-inclusive resort dialed in—woot woot! You’re so ready to slay spring break 2018. Expedia hooked us up with a list of the top destinations for spring break, based on air ticket data. Read on to learn how to make your stars align for your spring getaway.

Aries: Miami

With spring break and Mercury retrograde taking place in your sign, you’ll be one restless Ram. Long naps in a hammock? Not gonna happen—and without enough action, you could get surly. Head to Miami where you “interval hang” between the beach, rooftop nightclubs, shopping districts—and even burn off some energy at a great gym. You’ll be a shameless flirt, but if you’re with a plus-one…behave!

Taurus: Myrtle Beach

A real time out is what you’ll need as Mercury backstrokes through your dreamy and rejuvenating twelfth house. And this spring break, that might just mean dancing and playing in Myrtle Beach. Head’s up: This “no limits” cosmic cycle can make you prone to excess so sip water between margaritas and keep the sunscreen in your bag to reapply throughout the day!

Gemini: Cartagena

With Mercury causing mischief in your community sector, who you travel with can make or break your vacation—and even with BFFs, you’ll need space. Slip off to Cartagena, Columbia. While your squad suns on the beaches, you can tour the museums and historic churches and shop for handcrafted wares. Bonus for May Geminis: Columbia is famous for emeralds, your birth stone!

Cancer: London

Since Mercury’s reversal hits your posh tenth house, roughing it is out of the question this spring break. Fulfill your “fancy lady” or “high class chap” requirements by having high tea in London and taking in a tour of Buckingham Palace. With this retro affecting your career, make extra sure you have coworkers to cover for you! The last thing you need is an office S.O.S. interrupting your fun!

Leo: Bangkok

Far-flung lands are calling your name as Mercury does backflips through your worldly ninth house. With a carefully planned out itinerary and a translation app (and a reputable tour guide here and there) you’ll be golden, Leo. As the zodiac’s royal, you’ll feel right at home among the opulent palaces of Bangkok, Thailand. And the endless nightlife will keep you in the celebratory spirits your sunny sign needs!

Virgo: Reykjavik

As a privacy-loving Virgo, you prefer your beaches remote and uncrowded. Well, that ain’t happening during hectic spring break season—and with your ruler Mercury in reverse, you will have zero patience for stupid human tricks. How about plunging into a thermal pool instead, like the famous Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland? With Mercury retro in your mystical eighth house, checking out the Northern Lights will fill you with wonder.

Libra: Paris

Paris in the springtime? Oui! Since this Mercury retrograde can bring misunderstandings with partners, you’re better off sipping wine on the Seine (so romantic!) than whooping it up at a foam party. Under these schedule scrambling skies, check the hours of the Louvre and maps of the arrondissements before hopping on the Metro.

Scorpio: Detroit

Scorpio is the sign that rules transformation, so you’ll feel right at home in Detroit, a city that’s rising like a phoenix. And with Mercury retrograde in your house of practical magic, you’ll love seeing what the city’s makers have been building, restoring and creating. Keep that notebook or sketchpad handy because inspiration is sure to strike!

Sagittarius: New York City

This retrograde comes with a Code Red drama alert for the zodiac’s Archer. Since you’re going to have to deal with “theatrical” personalities, head to New York City where you can take in a Broadway show and glean some runway-worthy fashion inspiration from the people-watching alone. Alas, Mercury’s U-Turn can lead to regrettably impulsive style decisions. Hold off on the extreme haircut or vacation tattoo, even if you CAN get an appointment at that famous salon or studio.

Capricorn: Denver

With Mercury backstroking through your domestic zone, your spring break destination should ideally feel like a home away from home. How about a beautiful mountain lodge in Denver—with a kitchen for making dinner after hiking the trails. Pro tip: If you’re traveling with a moody friend or “difficult” family member, don’t push them to do things that aren’t in their wheelhouse.

Aquarius: Portland

Voyage to a tucked away city like Portland as Mercury backspins through your locally grown third house—and invite a sibling or an old friend. Your curiosity will be doubly peaked by Mercury’s retreat. Fill your travel mug with medium roast Stumptown, then wander through charming boutique districts for the vintage and one-of-a-kind finds your sign adores. Head’s up: This Mercury cycle can jam communication signals doubly for Aquarians. Go easy on the teasing, tweeting and sharing of unsolicited opinions.

Pisces: Barcelona

Dreamy Pisces will feel right at home in the enchanting seaside city of Barcelona, Spain. The night owl in you will love lingering over late dinners—and the insanely imaginative buildings by architect Anton Gaudi will blow your mind. Head’s up: Since this signal scrambling retrograde hits your money zone your budget can balloon if you aren’t mindful. Look for package deals of hotel and airfare and bring a set amount of cash for shopping and Catalonian wines.

Where will you be traveling this spring? 


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