By Anna Brown, on May 24, 2021

3 Tips for packing light, according to a professional traveler

This article was written by guest author, Weylie

You’ve found your destination, booked your flights, scoured the internet for Instagrammable photo inspiration. Now, all that’s left to do is pack for your dream vacation. But, before you start shoveling stuff into a bag, we implore you to reconsider and go light instead. Here are 3 simple tips to packing light so you can spend more time traveling and less time folding laundry.

Less is More

Picking what to pack can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, it’s tempting to pack all your favorite outfits, but let’s be real, we’ve all been on that trip where we packed too many outfits and ended up wearing the same one day after day.  So, for this rule, the message is, think of practicality. Are you going on a trip where you have to walk a lot? If so, you most likely do not need to pack three pairs of heels. Instead, pack shoes that are comfortable but versatile.

Count the days you’re traveling and pack the appropriate amount of outfits. Don’t be afraid to repeat outfits, and, if you can, try to color coordinate your wardrobe so you can easily mix and match with fewer pieces.

Use travel-sized toiletries

I love my skincare routine and when traveling I make no exceptions, Travel can be tough on skin — (my skin tends to breakout on a planes, and in stressful situations, too). However, full-sized makeup and skincare products can be Heavy. Instead, opt for mini reusable bottles to fill your skincare products with. This way, you can use them over and over again for all the trips to come. !

Don’t be afraid to do laundry along the way

In 2019, I took a three-week trip to Asia with a medium-sized suitcase and backpack. Prior to the trip, my friend urged me to pack light because we will be taking public transportation.

When we arrived in Japan, I quickly found out she was right. Getting around with all my gear  was exhausting. My travel companion suggested we do laundry every few days so we have clean clothing to wear. I don’t know why doing laundry didn’t even come across as an option to me prior to the trip. I always thought laundry services at hotels were too costly and not worth it. So, instead, find a laundromat near where you’re staying and wash your clothes there. Bonus points for a fluff n’ fold that will fold your laundry as well.


Truly, when you think back to your most memorable trips, you likely remember the delicious food you ate, or the once in a lifetime activity you took part in. Rarely do we think back and say “I’m so glad I brought those extra pairs of heels because it truly made the trip.” So go ahead, focus on creating memorable moments, rather than memorable outfits.

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