By Captain And Clark, on February 2, 2014

Romantic Seattle date spots

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start scoping out romantic spots to take your sweetheart. Seattle might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of dessert, but this rainy city offers a plethora of sugary date spots to satisfy every craving. From creative pies to specialty donuts, Seattle has your sweet tooth, and your sweetheart, covered. Take a look at the recommendations listed below and find the treat that’s right for you and your love.


If you’re looking for the perfect doughy treat to go with a steaming cup of Seattle coffee, then head to Top Pot for one of their hand-forged doughnuts. Glazed or powdered and all-around delicious, these doughnuts are the stuff that dreams are made of. Made the old-fashion way, these treats come in over 40 different varieties. The apple fritter is a local favorite and one of the best ways to start any date day.


High 5 Pie is the place to go for the lovers of this sweet pastry delight. Traditional, bite-sized, lollipop, and take-n-bake pies are beckoning to be enjoyed at this trendy local haunt. High 5 Pie also offers single servings of pies that come in mason jars. What’s more romantic than serving your sweetie banana cream pie out of a mason jar? That’s right, nothing. If you want to treat your date to something a little more savory, order a warm chicken pot pie or a deliciously messy frito chili and cheese pie. Satisfying your date at this Seattle haunt will be easy as pie (I had to).


Varieties of doughnuts at Top Pot


Viewfinder Tip: Kick the romance up a notch in the kitchen. Buy Cupcake Royale’s cupcake mix and frosting bundle to make and bake these treats at home.

Treat your sweetie to some of the best cupcakes in the Pacific Northwest. Cupcake Royale has been serving up this delicious treat since 2003. Proud to be one of the first cupcake bakeries outside of New York City, they don’t stop at just cupcakes. Cupcake Royale serves up its ice cream in decadent flavors like whiskey maple bacon and burnt caramel with sea salt. If you and your sweetheart can’t choose between cupcakes or ice cream, never fear. Cupcake Royale combines the two in its salted caramel cupcake ice cream and red velvet ice cream. While cupcakes are the name of the game, it should be noted that one can also indulge in a little something called Whiskey Maple Bacon Crack. This crunchy caramel and bacon brittle is as delicious and addicting as it sounds. Everyone wins at Cupcake Royale.

Ice Cream

If you have a hankering for something to help cool down the fiery passion, look no further than Molly Moon’s. This sweet Seattle staple has been administering tasty brain-freezes to its customers for years. Molly Moon’s stands above the rest, using locally sourced, organic, and fair trade ingredients. Combine that with their creative flavors and you’ve got yourself the perfect date spot. Popular creamy concoctions include honey lavender, maple walnut, and balsamic strawberry.

A creamy egg nog cupcake


In the land where coffee is ubiquitous, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Enter Bedlam Coffee. Stepping inside this caffeine sanctuary is like falling down the rabbit hole. Unique art lines the walls and chic, mismatched chairs and trunks serve as seating areas. With flavors as eclectic as its decor, patrons are encouraged to explore with their tastebuds. For the fearless adventurer, order up Bedlam’s Bonfire Mocha. This grisly concoction is made from Bedlam’s in-house spicy chili oil and will leave your palate feeling its kick long after your first sip. If you’re looking for something a little more fragrant, try a lavender- or rose-flavored latte. You’ll feel as if you and your date are tasting the gardens of Versailles.


I’m not sure if there’s a confection that is better paired with romance than chocolate. The best place in Seattle to store up on this luxurious treat is Theo Chocolate. Dedicated to producing organic and fair trade chocolate, Theo Chocolate’s passion can be tasted in every bar. To get a taste for something outside of the ordinary milk and dark chocolate, pick up a bar (or two) from Theo’s Fantasy series. With flavors like fig, fennel, almond, and coconut curry, you’re sure to keep your loved ones on their toes.

The next time you’re in Seattle and want to treat your someone special, try one of the places listed above. A sweet date is never out of reach.

What’s your favorite sweet treat?