By Christie Hudson, on July 29, 2020

Staycations by the Stars: Best Trips for Every Zodiac Sign in 2020

True, summer vacations have been downsized this year, but traveling has not been #canceled. As shorter jaunts replace international getaways, we’re all learning to embrace the art of the staycation. Why not add some starpower to these journeys (or non-journeys)?

We asked our go-to astrologers, The AstroTwins, how every zodiac sign can satisfy their wanderlust within 2020’s guidelines. Here are their planetary planning tips.


Restless Rams struggle with anything restrictive, so figuring out how to deal with 2020 has been…challenging. An active adventure can help you work off your pandemic angst. Hit the road with a light itinerary and let your spontaneous side lead the way. This is a great summer to visit a national park that’s been on your bucket list for too long. As long as you have your hiking boots, mountain bike, surfboard or other athletic equipment, you’ll be A-OK. Oh, and an oversized cooler and portable BBQ, too. Foraging for food is not your jam. When you’re hungry (make that hangry), your impatient sign needs to eat ASAP. As one of the zodiac’s three fire signs, you love making meals on an open flame. Bonus if you can roast marshmallows and sit around telling hilarious tales and ghost stories until the wee hours. Since it’s probably best to do some planning, book a couple rentals along the route (if you have a route)—ideally ones with a kitchen and easy outdoor access.


Summertime, and the living is easy? If you had your druthers, Taurus, it would be poolside cocktails every night and catching waves every morning. Well, that’s not altogether out of the question for 2020, but you’ll definitely have a smaller guest list this year. Head to the closest beach or lake town for some open-air adventures. Even if you don’t know how to ride the waves, walking along the shore will revive you. Glamping in a rented RV or converted van can be fun for the more adventurous among you. Bougie Bulls, how about a day trip to a vineyard? Many wineries have opened up outdoor areas for tasting. (Just call in advance to find out what reservations need to be made.) Don’t live where the grapes grow? Start a traveling wine club. Sample a bottle from a different continent every week, making a point to learn about the history of each region. Who knows? When it’s safe to travel again, you might have your next vacation plan all lined up.


Staying in one place for five minutes is hard enough for a Gemini, much less nearly five months! Variety is the spice of life for your mercurial sign which is why a road trip can be the best vacation ever for you. The journey is as important as the destination, so choose your passengers wisely, and make sure they share your taste in music, since you’re going to be singing and recording lip sync videos for much of the journey. The trick is to plan well, but also leave room for spontaneous detours. Your journalistic curiosity attracts you to destinations with a story behind them, from legendary ghost towns to sites that are considered energetic vortexes. (Get thee to the crystal and gem shop!) Since you’ll thoroughly research every stop on the itinerary, you’ll get everyone in the car excited and wind up playing tour guide once you arrive. Just try not to cram too much into one trip. Pick a few destinations where you can explore the area for 2-3 days. If possible, reserve a room in an offbeat rental, like a renovated Victorian mansion.


Home is a Cancer’s favorite place to be. Whether you’d admit it out loud or not, you’ve found a few silver linings to 2020’s sheltering mandates. But with social restrictions keeping every one else under your roof too, it’s been hard to get your RDA of solitude. Your ideal summer getaway might be a “mobilemoon,” at least for the first couple days! If your loved ones complain, assure them that you’ll be a much better family member, roommate, partner, etc., after you slip off and recharge on your own. Are you behind on your book club reads? Catch up on that novel at a vacation rental with a private pool or water views. As one of the zodiac’s food- and wine-lovers, aim for a destination with raved-about restaurants that are open for pick-up. Bonus if there’s a coffeeshop you can walk to during your meditative morning strolls. Hey, you’ve gotta get out sometime on this trip!


Oh those summer soirees and starlit nights at rooftop bars! You’re missing those more than most, Leo. As a flamboyant fire sign, you’re in your element when it’s hot outside—and, let’s be honest, your theatrical sign lives to dress up and turn heads. While the runways of Paris, Milan and NYC have gone virtual, you can still host your own version of Fashion Week. Get friends involved and pick a daily theme, like #WhitePartyWednesday, #FairTradeFriday, #SwimwearSunday. Have everyone post a selfie to a group thread or social media. If you can find a safe, comfortable gathering spot for one (or more) of the days, mix up a signature cocktail, roll out a red carpet and have that birthday party you so richly deserve.


Bikini boot camp was a no-go this spring, but take heart, Virgo. As the zodiac’s wellness warrior, you don’t need swimsuit season as an excuse give your body some love. With a little imagination, you can create your own “retreat.” (Think of it as a warmup for a future trip to Bali or Costa Rica.) Since events like these usually last for seven days, commit to one week of revitalizing the heck out of yourself before the summer is through. Be sure to leave yourself some advance time for planning and prepping. You’ll need to make a menu and shop for ingredients. Think: raw smoothies in the morning, salads with protein for lunch, pescatarian dinners, for example. Find an app that has a variety of fitness modalities. That way you can virtually “attend” a sunrise yoga class and evening H.I.I.T. Bonus idea: Enlist 5-10 friends to participate. The magic lies in supporting each other with this healthy kickstart. Weather permitting, you can space apart your mats and do a daily workout together in the park.


Staycations were made for Libras! As much as you adore a day of shopping and the theater, it’s a high-end hotel that makes your getaways the most memorable. Even one night in a luxury accommodation can lift your spirits, especially if you’re snuggling with a special someone—and, of course, getting a multi-course meal (and champers) wheeled in by Room Service. If you don’t want to rent a room in that fancy downtown boutique hotel yet, here’s a fun idea: How about “hotel-ifying” your bedroom at home? Start with a mood board of inspiring rooms. (Pro tip: look for ones with similar lighting to yours, because if your bedroom is in a darker area of the house, you don’t want to mimic a room that’s flooded with sunlight.) What special touches could you add: a mini-bar, multiple speakers, luxury sheets, a headboard? Making your bed every day—and giving yourself a turndown service with a chocolate on your pillow—adds to the effect. Make sure to celebrate the project’s finale with breakfast in bed!


Mystical Scorpio, you’re a manifesting machine! When you put your mind to it, you can attract anything. No, it doesn’t always arrive on-demand, but eventually it will get here, so like the rest of us, you’re going to have to rely on faith to get through 2020. In the meanwhile, make a vision board of your dream overseas vacation. Snorkeling from your guest bungalow in the Maldives? A culinary tour through Italy? Need to grease the creative wheels? As a water sign, a stroll near a marina can loosen up the blocks. Wherever your GPS is pointed act “as if” you’re already there. Get an app like Duolingo loaded onto your phone and start practicing the language daily. Make itineraries of all the places you’ll go when “this” is over. Experiment with the cuisine and drinks that are popular in the area. You don’t have to be in Rome to open up a bottle of Chianti or in Maui to settle down with a cup of Kava each night.


More, more, more! You’re the zodiac’s seeker, forever on a quest for inspiration and wisdom. Although many conferences and retreats you were hoping to attend got canceled, some are up and running in virtual form. Truth: It’s going to be a struggle to log in to Zoom from home (again), especially when it’s gorgeous outside. But a change of scenery could get your curious mind in motion! Sign up for a virtual weekend seminar—or a webinar that “drips” daily lessons for a set number of days. Then, book a scenic rental with reliable wi-fi and outdoor spaces like a deck, pool or balcony overlooking a mountain where you can do your “work” every day. Pack your laptop, print out the course materials, register to hear talks. Make sure there are plenty of places in the area where you can hike, swim or bike. A Sagittarius can only sit still for so long. You’ll emerge, buzzing with ideas and, quite possibly, an enterprising idea to launch this fall!


Like the goat that represents your sign, your GPS is set to “climb” mode. You love having something grand and luxurious to work toward—and you’re willing to put in the hustle to manifest that dream. But without all the usual industry shindigs and networking events you love, where can the zodiac’s mogul find motivation to raise the bar? One idea: Take yourself on an architectural tour. Scope out fancy neighborhoods with historic homes and wander through with friends who share your interest in such things. If you do enough research in advance, you can turn this into a treasure hunt. Snap photos of future dream homes that belong on your vision board. If you’re an earthier Capricorn, you can apply this quest to nature. Is there a fascinating rock formation within road trip distance? A natural hot spring or hidden waterfall deep into a hiking trail? Explore!


As the zodiac’s social butterfly, restricting the urge to gather has been rougher on you than most—especially during what would normally be festival season! Put a little Lollapalooza into your life, Aquarius. No, you won’t be selling tickets to 400,000 people, and that’s a good thing. But a glamping trip with a small squad could still be a blast. If you’re feeling adventurous, rent an RV and drive to a remote area—in the woods, at the beach, in the desert, wherever—where you can play music, light a fire and dance under the stars. If you have access to a private backyard, you can always set up your “soundstage” there for a socially distanced soiree. Ask guests (or neighbors) to contribute suggestions for the playlist, or, if you feel like splurging, hire a DJ. Serve festival food, like corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake. Many Aquarians relish any opportunity to dress up in wild outfits. If you’re in a playful mood, pick a costume theme and “strongly advise” your guests to join in the madcap revelry.


Okay, so Cannes was a “no Cannes do” (sorry!) but who says you can’t host your own film festival? With your vivid imaginations, most Pisces are total movie buffs. What’s your favorite genre: 80s classics, murder mysteries, classic gangster flicks? Or maybe you’re obsessed with a director and want to watch every picture they’ve ever made. Longing to binge-watch a series? A plug-in projector costs less than most airplane tickets these days, and with a good wi-fi signal and a white wall (or a large sheet) you can even turn it into an outdoor affair. If you’d rather cool out inside, check in to a super comfy rental where you can “screen” a different movie every night from bed. Pro tip for night-owl Pisces: rent a standalone house rather than a unit with shared walls. Then, you can keep your viewing parties going from dusk ‘til dawn without disturbing the neighbors.

What’s your staycation style?

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