By Expedia, on April 8, 2019

The Guide to Vacation Rentals in Florida

A vacation in Florida offers sun, fun, and tons of entertainment. Vacation rentals in Florida offer affordable accommodations that are perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you want something right on the beach, an eclectic Art Deco home, or even a spot along the canals of Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find the ultimate option for family or group trips. From cozy quarters with the comforts of home, to chic units with pools and gourmet kitchens, a Florida vacation rental is the perfect home base for your holiday.


As the theme park capital of the U.S., Orlando is the go-to destination for family fun. Whether you choose the Magic Kingdom at Disney World or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, you’ll have plenty of adventures to keep you smiling. With lovely lakes and parks, as well as upscale shopping, Orlando has the amenities and vacation rentals that make a trip worthwhile.

orlando florida vacation rentals
Orlando, Florida


Miami is a world-class city known for its expansive white beaches, cultural diversity, and business opportunities. It offers plenty of opportunities for the long-term vacationer, as well as first-class rentals with Art Deco architecture and top-notch amenities. Miami has a busy downtown and vibrant nightlife, so visitors have their pick of entertainment hot spots.

miami florida vacation rentals
Miami, Florida

Fort Lauderdale

One of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations, Fort Lauderdale has its fair share of beaches. Many cruise ships dock and launch from Fort Lauderdale, and it’s a short drive to Miami. It’s a beautiful place to set up camp for your vacation—it’s even known as the “Venice of America” due to its extensive canal system. Relax in this stunning city with its palm-tree-lined avenues and soothing ocean views.

fort lauderdale florida vacation rental
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Daytona Beach        

Time your stay right, and you can enjoy one of Daytona’s NASCAR racing events. Avid ATV riders, meanwhile, will love Daytona Beach’s hard-packed sand, and they can hit the beaches for an open-air joy ride with magnificent views. Beachside vacation rentals are ideal for long-term vacations that will keep a thrill seeker’s motor running.

daytona beach vacation rentals
Daytona Beach, Florida, Trover Photo by Cassandra Collings

Panama City

More beaches await in this Florida Panhandle city, located along the Emerald Coast. Picture-perfect weather guarantees family-friendly fun during the day, and warm evenings promise exciting nightlife. Your Florida vacation is made even more comfortable in one of the many vacation rentals available in the area.

panama city florida vacation rental
Panama City, Florida


For those seeking sophisticated downtime, Tampa is packed with historical landmarks and museums. A thriving culinary scene allows the foodie to indulge at exciting cafés and restaurants in the Ybor City neighborhood. The modern architecture and one-of-a-kind location provide a stylish traveler with luxurious options for vacation rentals in Florida.

tampa florida vacation rentals
Tampa, Florida

South Beach

South Beach is party central, known for its diverse festivals and cultural events. South Beach is more than just a magnet for beautiful globetrotters, as night owls and foodies flock to its hip night spots, world-class restaurants, and outdoor cafés and bars. Artfully restored Art Deco buildings and a wide selection of vacation rentals make South Beach the place to be for the glamorous vacationer.

south beach florida vacation rentals
South Beach, Florida

Fort Myers

Of course, there are ample beaches in Fort Myers, but the seaside bars, live music, and theme parks also keep people flocking to this popular tourist spot. With so much to do, a long-term stay at a Fort Myers vacation rental is a must. You can also save money by choosing to eat at home for some of your meals, with most rentals including full kitchens and dining areas that are ideal for family vacations.

fort myers florida vacation rentals
Fort Myers, Florida, Trover Photo by Alyssa Santos

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg boasts more sunny days than any other city in the U.S., guaranteeing a golden tan for sun worshipers. With its Old Florida ambiance, this town is anything but sleepy. It’s pulsing with live music, exciting beach bars, and an edgy art scene, keeping you entertained both day and night. With this much to do, you’ll want to plan an extended stay at a vacation rental so you can take everything in.

st petersburg florida
St Petersburg, Florida, Trover Photo by Travel Ginger

Palm Beach

Welcome to the life of the rich and famous. Palm Beach is one of the wealthiest cities in America, and that’s noticeable in the gleaming architecture, indulgent dining, and high-end shopping experiences. From its majestic sky-scraping palm trees to impeccable accommodations, you’ll be in awe of Palm Beach. Book a sophisticated condo with breathtaking views of the ocean, and you’ll be living the high life in your elegant Florida vacation rental.

palm beach florida vacation rentals
Palm Beach, Florida, Trover Photo by Rob Ruston

Florida might be known for its sun and beaches, but it’s got so much more. From art to shopping, and world-class dining to thrilling rides, your Florida vacation rental promises to exceed your expectations; memorable experiences await families, couples, and solo travelers!