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Travel Podcast Ep. #12: Cosmic Travel Tips for 2020 with The AstroTwins

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Find out what the stars have in store for your 2020 travels in the second installment of our astrology series with The AstroTwins. From Caribbean vacays to hiking the Rockies, the twins are revealing the perfect trip for every sign.


Expedia Travel Podcast

Episode 12

Christie Hudson: 2020 travel advice, it’s written in the stars. That’s what we’re in for on this episode of Expedia’s Out Travel the System. I’m Christie Hudson, filling in for Nisreene Atassi and I’ll be your guest host as we crack open the planetary playbook for traveling in the new year. Leading us on this astrological trip, the AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut. Tali and Ophira are identical twins and professional astrologers. They’ve used their astrological gifts to promote inclusiveness and diversity. They’ve also read star charts for celebrities like Beyoncé. They’re also our go-to cosmic travel gurus here at Expedia. So enough said, let’s get to it and find out what the cosmos has to say about the outlook for travel in 2020 because whether or not you’re convinced about the predictive power of the stars when it comes to traveling, I think we can all agree that it’s never a bad idea to come prepared. Welcome back you two. It’s always a treat to have you on the show.

So tell us a bit about how this works. How does the movement and position of planets relate to travel trends?

The AstroTwins: So every Zodiac sign goes through a progression each year and depending on what sign you were born under, there are different times of year that are more favorable for travel than others. Some months are better for working, or family, or local happenings, while others are really favorable for adventures and branching out and getting away from the grind. So when you know that, you can plan trips accordingly and work around any pitfalls in the stars. Every sign actually has a power period for traveling each year, which is three months before your birthday. So during that time, the sun will be in what’s called the solar ninth house of your chart. Well, you don’t have to know what that means, however, that’s a really vibrant time when you’ll be feeling more adventurous and worldly, willing to stretch. I actually have taken a trip every year at that time, which is now my honeymoon because on the first September where I took that trip, I actually met a man who happens to be my husband now. And then we just go back to the same place and celebrate. So you never know what can happen if you leap during that time.

Christie Hudson: I love that. I love that there’s a great time for every individual to travel and you can kind of plan your whole year around it if you want. So for 2020, looking ahead to the new year, what are some of the trends and themes we might see in travel and why do the planets have an effect on that?

The AstroTwins: Well, in 2020 there is an unusual number of planets in Capricorn. Wherever those planets are, particularly Jupiter, because Jupiter is a planet that rules international travel, global connections, long-distance trips. Wherever Jupiter is, it tends to move every 12 to 13 months into a new sign and exert its influence over the year. So the sign that it’s in will color the way we travel. In 2019 Jupiter’s been mostly in Sagittarius, which is very global, it’s its home sign. So you know people were much more interested in new, different, novel destinations all over the globe. In 2020 it’s going to spend almost the entire year in Capricorn, which rules mountains and eco-tourism and architecture, it’s an earth sign. So I think people are going to be very concerned about the impact of travel on the climate and the environment. They’re going to want to do sustainable trips or travel, mountain climbing, rock climbing, geological kind of expeditions in 2020. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of time. So going and seeing monuments, or going and seeing buildings that have stood the test of time and have a rich story to them. Or going and exploring your own personal family roots and legacy could be some of the things we see trending.

Christie Hudson: That’s so interesting. So we at Expedia, we took a look at all the top destinations that are trending for the year ahead and I have to say they really jive with that. There’s a ton that are super outdoorsy, places like Denver, Yellowstone, a bunch of destinations in Canada, like Saskatoon. So it does definitely seem like that’s where people’s heads are at as they’re already looking at booking those places.

The AstroTwins: That’s really funny because in 2019 Jupiter was in Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, and so people may have been more interested in hotter or below the equator kind of tropical trips, but Earth’s energy tends to be more moderate and temperate. So places like Canada and Denver, the temperatures are maybe a little cooler will definitely be in line with the stars. Last year it was all about Portugal, in the summer it was all about Greece. There was a lot of Mexico happening actually.

Christie Hudson: You know, I love these themes and I love a little bit of urban and outdoor adventure and more temperate weather, but is there any room still for a lazy beach vacation this year, for those who are interested?

The AstroTwins: Sounds like there’s a lot more room in fact if everybody’s in Canada!

Christie Hudson: Great point.

The AstroTwins: And the rest of us that like hot weather like me, will be able to have the beaches to ourselves. So please everybody go on to Yellowstone. One thing about Capricorn is it is the zodiac’s most goal-oriented and industrious sign. So I think we’re going to see tourism that actually has a mission or a purpose built in like voluntourism or eco-tourism. Maybe you do spend a few days lying around on the beach, and then you go on a boat to help pull plastic bottles out of the ocean or something like that.

Christie Hudson: That’s a great balance.

The AstroTwins: Yeah a little workcation, as I call it.

Christie Hudson: Sometimes if you need a change of scenery though, even if you can’t get away from work, it’s a good thing to do.

The AstroTwins: Work from the beach or work from the pool. When I was Tulum a couple of years ago at the Mayan ruins, there was a girl doing a video conference chat while walking through the ruins and I was like, “Oh boy, here we go.”

Christie Hudson: That really is just bringing a damper on the whole experience I have to say.

The AstroTwins: Yes, just don’t do that. Capricorn is also the sun’s boundaries and limits so having firm boundaries with your job and going offline and really the sign does have a reputation as being a workaholic, but it also knows how to rest hard too. So really delineating when you’re off duty so there may be less time for a vacation because Jupiter rules abundance. and we’re in Capricorn so we’re all going to have an abundance of works and we’re going to be busy this year. When you do take that vacation, make sure you really take it and that it’s meaningful and not spent working all the time.

Christie Hudson: I feel like Capricorn, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a sign for behaving appropriately in situations and last year we saw a lot of these pop-up experiences that were really just built for Instagram Stories. Do you feel like some of those trends might be wrapping up?

The AstroTwins: Definitely.

Christie Hudson: Is this a year to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, or is it a year where maybe you should stick to kind of tried and true types of vacations?

The AstroTwins: Less is more, like a simple, tasteful vacation not the flashy, splashy kind of places. Or if you do go somewhere, you can go wherever you want, but just adopt a more mindful approach no matter where you go. Capricorn is about discernment so be discerning like if you go to Las Vegas, you don’t have to go to every single casino and play at the high-roller table or go see the best show. Everybody’s going to want to do the best, Capricorn’s about quality over quantity so find the peak experiences that you’re going to get the most bang for your buck. It’s about creating memories and being here now.

Christie Hudson: How has the position of Jupiter and everything else this year influencing your own plans for travel?

The AstroTwins: Well, we’re actually going on a book tour for the first time, so we actually talking to an event planning company about doing some sort of a bigger brand-sponsored retreat and event so we are doing a workcation — business with travel.

Christie Hudson: That’s funny, the only trip I have planned for next year is South by Southwest for a work thing so you guys are on to something here.

The AstroTwins: My husband and I have been talking about taking a month off and doing that classic road trip and I’ll write horoscopes from different destinations, but a more classic Americana, I suppose you could say, vacation is on the table. I did want to give one heads up warning for anyone who’s trying to plan a romantic vacation. Every other year Venus, the planet of love, does its retrograde dance. So from May 13th until June 25th you have to know that you may be a little touchier, and I’m not talking TLC, just like, “Oh why did you say that? What did that mean?” It could be a lot of bickering and arguing, and “I told you so,” that kind of thing.

Christie Hudson: That doesn’t sound very romantic.

The AstroTwins: No, no. Try for late August that would be a better time to travel.

Christie Hudson: That’s a great tip for honeymooners. If you’re getting married in 2020 and planning your honeymoon, look at August. Coincidentally, August is also the cheapest time in the summer to travel.

The AstroTwins: Well there you go. Now it is a good time though, since Gemini’s the sign of friendship, to kind of do a reunion vacation with your girlfriends. Venus is the feminine planet, so a girls trip or trip with family that you don’t feud with.

Christie Hudson: What travel tips do you have for the signs in 2020?

The AstroTwins: Well the fire signs, which are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are actually going to be a lot more chill than they were in 2019. Vacations must have a purpose and a plan and a budget for you, which is not the favorite word of the indulgent fire sign, but you’ll actually be feeling this desire to spend more time in nature, or have a more purposeful mission for everything you do, not just be that wild, spontaneous fire sign and that you were in 2019.

The earth signs, that’s Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are going to be a little more spontaneous and adventurous than usual. You may tend to have your ways about you or preferences, but in 2020, earth signs are going to be willing to kind of diverge from what they normally do, look for something new and exciting and interesting. My husband who’s an earth sign fixed up a van so road trips are going to be especially of interest. Think lots of little interesting curiosities when you travel.

Air signs, that’s Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, you’re actually in a much more intimate phase when it comes to your travel in 2020. You want to be around people who you feel familiar with and close to. Oftentimes air signs are the ones who are like, “Bye everyone, I’m going to meet all the townies and you know, find out where all the bars are and the nightclubs, and I’ll be back in like three hours, but don’t wait for me and I might show up with a new friend.” You’re kind of the opposite of that in 2020 where you may be wanting to get more of an apartment-style rental and cook our own meals or let’s figure out how to slip off somewhere where no one can find us for two weeks.

Christie Hudson: Sounds like everybody’s putting a different spin on what they need from travel this year.

The AstroTwins: This Jupiter position in Capricorn is going to be a little awkward and uncomfortable in some ways because you’re going to be out of your element, but it’s such a great opportunity to try things and expand your palate. So water signs are also going to be a little out of character, that’s Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. You know, water signs do get a rep of being homebodies, but they can be very adventurous and sporty and you’ll definitely get to express whatever inclination toward that you have because you’re really fired up for more active, action, and adventure kind of travel this year. Anything physical with movement involved or anything that’s big and bold where there’s maybe a live show or you might just go see a Broadway show or a Vegas show, or a festival, or you want that sort of bucket list, epic trip this year.

Christie Hudson: So thinking about trends for 2020 that we’ve seen from travelers who book on Expedia, we’ve seen that alternate accommodations are on the rise. So some of the top trending types of lodging are kind of off-kilter — they’re yurts, tree houses, castles, houseboats, that sort of thing. I would love it if you could match those with the sign they’re best suited for.

So should a fire sign stay at a yurt, treehouse, castle, or houseboat this year?

The AstroTwins: Treehouse for sure in 2020.

Christie Hudson: That sounds fun. What about air signs?

The AstroTwins: Houseboat, for sure.

Christie Hudson: Houseboat for air, I wasn’t expecting that.

The AstroTwins: They have a watery vibe going on. Jupiter is in the water ruled houses of their charts.

Christie Hudson: What should a water sign stay in; yurt, treehouse, castle, houseboat?

The AstroTwins: I’d give the water signs a yurt because it actually gives them the opportunity to invite friends, a large party, and all go to an adventurous location together. Go do day hikes, zip-lining, and then come home and you know, just have that freedom to just stay up all night talking and knowing you’re not bothering the people in the hotel room next to you.

Christie Hudson: And earth signs. Does that give them the castle?

The AstroTwins: Yeah, and you know, I don’t think we’re going to get too many arguments. The Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn earth signs, they’re kind of at home in a castle anyway, but usually, their home is their castle, so now they’ll have a castle away from home. They have this very sort of fiery, regal kind of hedonistic year where decadence and indulgence and “more is more” is the mantra. So have at it earth signs.

Christie Hudson: You guys mentioned working and traveling, kind of combining those two things. We’ve been hearing it called “bleisure,” business and leisure combined. So if you’re somebody who is going to travel for work this year, and maybe you want to tack a few days onto the end of the trip, what are some things you guys do when you’re traveling to a destination for work, but you also want to make sure you explore the place to see a couple of things. What are some tips that you have?

The AstroTwins: I’d say first check your Facebook or social media networks to see if anyone you know lives there. It might be an Instagram or Twitter friend that lives there, have coffee, have lunch, or make a friend.

Christie Hudson: It’s so true too, because when you have a local connection, sometimes you see so many more things than going by yourself.

The AstroTwins: Go wander around and go into the little stores and shops and boutiques, and talk to the people who are closer to your age or seem to be like you and ask them where they go to hang out. Actually, we did that in Tulum, Mexico this year and we found out this karaoke night was happening at a cenote, which is a freshwater cave. We got to sing Lady Gaga it reverberated over the water and into the jungle, it was like a peak life moment.

Christie Hudson: That’s the kind of stuff you’re not going to see on the top-rated activities.

The AstroTwins: No, not at all. It was really cool because the host was from the area and it was a mix of locals and travelers and ex-pats who are living there. We love finding those places, that’s our favorite thing so we can immerse ourselves.

Christie Hudson: When I’m traveling somewhere for work, I love to just post up at a bar, grab a seat, order my dinner there and talk to whoever is sitting next to me.

The AstroTwins: Oh yeah, I met my husband that way, eating lunch alone at a bar. You never know.

Christie Hudson: We should all eat alone more and be open to conversations with strangers. You guys are just a wealth of information for everything we need to know in 2020, not just for travel. So where can listeners get more info and what’s in store for their sign in 2020?

The AstroTwins: Well, we have an entire guide to the new year, our 2020 horoscope book. It’s a 580-page book that maps out the year for all 12 signs. What’s happening in love, career, travel, wellness — it’s your companion for the entire year.

Christie Hudson: It’s awesome. I’ve seen previous year’s versions and it’s a bible. Tali, Ophira, thank you so much for sharing your cosmic travel outlook for 2020 and thanks to everyone for joining us with another episode of Out Travel the System brought to you by Expedia. We’d love to hear your travel questions, tips, and adventures. Visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You can find out more about the AstroTwins at Don’t forget to go to wherever you listen to your podcast and hit subscribe. I’m your guest host, Christie Hudson. Happy travels!


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