By No Vacation Required, on June 26, 2013

Wynn in Vegas

We’re constantly telling people that Wynn Las Vegas does Vegas right. As self-proclaimed “super fans” of the property – we’ve been going there since they opened in 2005 – we routinely have our best Las Vegas experiences at Wynn and its sister property, Encore.

Our “super fan” status was cemented when, last year, celebrating two friends’ birthdays, we visited for a power-weekend of whooping it up. During that particular visit, it was a meal at the property’s SW Steakhouse that had us most impressed. The attention to detail, the friendly but unobtrusive service, the timing, the ambiance; everything was just as you’d hope for a birthday celebration on steroids.

Recently, we had the chance to go back for a special visit. In honor of LGBT Pride month, we wanted to learn a bit more about Wynn’s commitment to the LGBT community. As we’ve come to expect over the years, Wynn surprised us once again.

Because Wynn is so dedicated to the customer experience in general, we weren’t at all shocked to learn that the same commitment extends to the LGBT community (and all other diverse groups). What we were shocked to learn is to what lengths the team will go to ensure that diverse populations have a stellar experience – for example, going so far as to have an official Pride Concierge service for LGBT guests.

John Arnos, Concierge Supervisor, was eager to tell us about what his team will do in order to ensure satisfaction across the board. Whether it be having staff available to speak one of nine languages or recommending just the right evening for a marriage proposal, they deliver. We were astounded to hear some of the examples he shared. Not wanting to be too easily influenced, we put him to the test in a couple of different ways during our visit. We were wowed in both instances.

Viewfinder Tip: Wynn Las Vegas is the perfect destination for a special occasion.

The kind of supreme experience that Wynn delivers, in our case visit after visit, doesn’t just happen by luck. It has to start with a culture that makes people want to work there. Clearly, Wynn knows that if employees aren’t content, guests certainly won’t be.


During one visit, in 2010, we were sitting in Society Café for happy hour. Sipping on mojitos and noshing on mac ‘n cheese cubes, we talked to our server about dinner suggestions. Impressed by the depth of his knowledge, we asked how he knew so much about the dishes at many of Wynn’s venues. He explained that staff members are regularly treated to the restaurants’ offerings so that they can make informed recommendations to guests. It worked. Rather than heading off property, we had dinner right next door at Wazuzu.

This time around, things were no different. Everything was great, but our experience was made remarkable by the staff. Over dinners at both Lake Side and Andrea’s, we let the servers’ expertise guide the direction of our meals. One afternoon, at Tableau, our server sweet-talked us into a chocolate coconut bar for dessert. I don’t know how he did it, but I’m sure glad he did. (Check out the slide show for some pictures.)

  • Wynn Las Vegas is known for its attention to detail

  • Encore’s standard rooms are suites

  • Encore’s standard rooms are suites

  • King crab and guacamole at Lakeside

  • Lakeside’s Lake of Dreams

  • Tableau’s chocolate and coconut bar

  • From Andrea’s Table Shares menu

  • Wagyu beef tataki at Andrea’s

  • Backstage at Le Reve The Dream

  • Le Reve The Dream

Aside from all of that great food, spa time, pool time, and wandering around, we were most excited to see Wynn’s premier entertainment offering, Le Reve The Dream. We’d seen it before, but having been through a myriad of changes over the years, we wanted to see the updated version. Plus, having just been voted “Best Production Show” in the Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association (SNHCA) Choice Awards, it remains the show to see in Vegas.

Perhaps our favorite experience, though, was having the chance to take a peek backstage and to chat with one of the performers. Seeing the passion and commitment behind the show (you should see what they go through every day!) made our experience at Le Reve that much more enjoyable.

The performer who showed us around, Ryan Lyons, has been with the production since it was being pieced together in 2004. He talked about his schedule, what he hopes the audience takes away from the show, and the physical demands of performing ten times a week. We especially enjoyed hearing what motivates him to put his heart and soul into every performance. He’s inspired, he said, when he sees a reaction in an audience member or when someone lets him know that his movement touched him or her. Like so many others, he’s proud of what he does, proud of the show, and proud to work for Wynn.

“Once you’re at Wynn, there’s no better place you can go in Vegas,” an employee told us on our last day.

As repeat guests, we couldn’t agree more.

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