Vacation Waiver

The Vacation Waiver helps protect you against life’s unexpected occurrences.

How does it work?
Redeem and refund instructions
Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

If you purchase a Vacation Wavier, you may change or cancel your Trip for any reason one time prior to the Scheduled Start Time, and we will:

  • Process that change or cancellation on your behalf with the applicable travel providers (airline, hotel, rental car company, destination activity provider, etc.);
  • Waive our own change or cancellation fees (if any);
  • Return any amounts refunded by the travel provider(s) to you;
  • Refund any amounts withheld by the travel provider as a change or cancel fee;
  • Apply any travel credits awarded by a travel provider to your account with that travel provider (subject to provider’s redemption policies and restrictions); and
  • When you redeem these travel credits, we’ll reimburse you for any change or cancellation fees you are charged by a travel provider at the time of redemption.

You are responsible for any increase in the cost of your Trip as a result of any change or cancellation.

Redeem and refund instructions

How do I redeem credits from travel providers?

To redeem travel credits you've received in connection with the Vacation Waiver, you must contact Customer Service. You'll also receive a refund for any change or cancellation fees imposed by the travel provider when you redeem your credits. This refund will be paid to the form of payment used to pay the initial fees.

How do I get a refund for my flight?

First, contact Customer Service to change or cancel your flight. The airline will refund your flight in the form of travel credits with that airline. You may then use those credits to purchase a new ticket on that airline. When you redeem those travel credits through Customer Service the airline will apply a change or cancellation fee in accordance with its redemption policy.

We will refund you an amount equal to the change or cancellation fee charged by the airline at the time of redemption. You will then be charged the full price of a new ticket on that airline, less the amount of any travel credits remaining in your account.

Note that the full price of the new ticket may be greater than the price of your original flight.

Frequently asked questions

What is a trip?

A “Trip” refers to one or more travel products (airline, hotel, rental car, destination activity, etc.) you’ve booked, confirmed and that is listed in the same itinerary as the Vacation Waiver.

When is the Scheduled Start Time of my Trip?

“Scheduled Start Time” means the earliest of the following events on your Trip itinerary: (a) the scheduled departure time of the first airline segment, (b) the scheduled check-in time of the first hotel booking, (c) the scheduled pick-up time of the first car rental or ground transfer, (d) the scheduled boarding time of the first cruise, or (e) the scheduled start time of the first destination activity.

When can I use the Vacation Waiver?

You can use the Vacation Waiver one time for each travel product in your Trip. Changes and/or cancellations made using the Vacation Waiver can be made at different times, provided that the Vacation Waiver may not be used at any time for any product after the Scheduled Start Time.

Does the Vacation Waiver cover all travelers on my itinerary?

Yes, the Vacation Waiver covers all of the travel products booked, confirmed and listed in the same itinerary as the Vacation Waiver.

Do I need to make changes for all travelers at the same time?

You can make changes for different travelers at different times, provided that the Vacation Waiver may only be applied one time to each travel product in your Trip. For example, a two-person hotel reservation may only be changed one time.

Can I make more than one change to my Trip?

You may use the Vacation Waiver one time for each travel product in Your Trip. Subsequent changes to or cancellations of any travel product shall be subject to all applicable change and/or cancellation fees and/or charges.

What if I want to rebook part or all of my Trip and the prices have changed?

The prices of travel products are dynamic and frequently change. When you rebook, you will be charged a new price for each travel product, which may be higher or lower than the price of the travel products in your original Trip. If the new price is higher, you will be responsible for any increase in the cost of your Trip. Any discounts that applied to your original travel products will not necessarily apply to your rebooked travel products.

Can I purchase a Vacation Waiver after I book my Trip?

Yes. Vacation Waiver is available for purchase after you book your Trip for a short time.

Can I transfer or sell my Vacation Waiver to someone else?

No. The Vacation Waiver is non-transferable and has no cash value.

Can I cancel my Vacation Waiver after I purchase it?

You can cancel your Vacation Waiver for a full refund within the first to occur of the following: (a) 15 days from the purchase date; or (b) the start of your scheduled Trip.

Is the Vacation Waiver good for non-changeable flights?

No. The Vacation Waiver only covers change and cancellation fees. Non-changeable flights may not be changed or cancelled and therefore do not generate change or cancellation fees. For that reason, the Vacation Waiver does not cover non-changeable flights. The Vacation Waiver however would still apply to any hotel or activities in the Trip.