Service Notice: Airline fuel surcharges add to ticket prices Beginning February 1, 2000, when you purchase an airline ticket by any method, you will probably be paying a slightly increased price as a result of a surcharge that most major airlines have added to their fares. The surcharge is a response to rising fuel costs, and (depending on the airline) it will add from US$4 to US$20 to the price of your roundtrip ticket.

When the surcharge applies
When you use the Flight Wizard to purchase tickets for travel taking place on or after February 1, the surcharge will be included in the fare quote you see and in the amount that is charged to your credit card. The same surcharge would apply if you purchased your ticket through any other source, online or elsewhere.

In addition, if you initiate a change to your ticket for an outbound flight on or after February 1, that ticket also will be subject to the surcharge, whether you make the change through or any other means.

If you bought a ticket before February 1 for travel on or after that date, you will not have to pay the additional fee.

Surcharge missing from some fare quotes
We'd like to point out, however, that you will see fares that do not include the fuel surcharge when you use certain other flight shopping features to preview or compare ticket prices. The features that do not reflect the surcharge are:
  • Fare Calendar: This tool lets you find the flights with the lowest published fares. These fare listings do not include the fuel surcharge, but you will see the complete, current fares—including surcharges—when you check actual seat availability.
  • Airline Fare List: This tool lets you scan the airlines' published fares for domestic and international flights. These fare listings do not include the surcharge, but, again, you will see the complete, current fares—including surcharges—when you check actual seat availability.
  • Fare Compare: This tool lets you see the low prices other customers have found in recent days on popular routes. Once the fuel surcharge takes hold and fare quotes routinely reflect the increased prices, the fares you see in Fare Compare will include the surcharge.
How to find out more
We know airfare changes and surcharges can be a little confusing, so if you have further questions, please call our Customer Support Center at 1 (800) EXPEDIA.

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