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From museums to castles, visit them all when you stay close to the Luton Airport near London, England.

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See a different side of England when you fly into the Luton Airport (LTN)fly into the Luton Airport (LTN).

This international airport is located in Bedfordshire, roughly 35 miles north of central London. When you fly into Luton Airport, you’ll find yourself within minutes of must-see museums, parks, and even a castle. Start your adventures over to the Wardown Park Museum, which is located in a Victorian mansion. This museum includes a vast hat collection, along with jewelry, costumes, and lace work. Next, get some fresh air at Stockwood Park, and explore its well-tended gardens, craft museums, and golf courses. Then round out your day at the haunted, 15th-century Someries Castle before retreating to one of the nearby Luton Airport hotels.

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