By Expedia Guest Author, on June 29, 2018

“Baecations” for every star sign

Summer is for lovin’, and there’s no better way to turn up the heat than to inject a little sweet romance into your summer getaway. Expedia recently launched the Heat Index, polling more than 1,000 Americans about summer romance and flings. According to the survey, most Americans feel beach destinations are most conducive to feelings of amour, but dusting off the passport and going abroad was also ranked highly for increasing chances of romance. And while only one in 10 respondents said they’ve ever had a vacation fling, almost 30 percent said it’s on their wishlist for their summer travels. The big takeaway is this: whether you’re single or coupled up, the best way to rev up your summer of love is to pack your bags and get out of town.

To make it easier on love-seekers and lovebirds this summer, The AstroTwins, astrologers to the stars, share their tips for turning vacations into “baecations” for every zodiac sign. With your destination and digs already picked out, all that’s left to do is grab your boo or crew and jet!


As the zodiac’s trailblazing leader, you live hard and work even harder. So when vacation time rolls around, you have earned the right to indulge, ideally with your favorite plus-one. Since you prize originality, boutique venues are your jam—especially if the artwork and décor provide a stunning backdrop for selfies or a photo shoot with your boo. Plus, a curated resort tends to draw the unique personality types you’re attracted to. Not that you’ll stay in that enclave all day. Restless Rams need day trips, like bike rides to authentic markets and athletic activities in the natural habitat: ziplining, kitesurfing, or a challenging hike. (Don’t get mad: Your S.O. might sit on the sidelines for a few of these thrills.) Before the vacay is over, you’ll be BFFs with the coolest people at your hotel, trading must-see discoveries over a bottle of vino. For single Rams, romance could emerge after a flirtatious and thought-provoking conversation by the pool—or even a spontaneous day of exploring the sites (and some benefits!) with a newfound “friend.”

Best “baecation” spot: Tulum
Dreamy digs: Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort


A sensual sojourn is a must for the zodiac’s Bull, one that lands you at the crossroads of comfort and luxury. Plan in advance! Your cost-conscious sign lives to find a good deal, even if you’re shelling out cash for high-end thrills. Once you’ve scouted out the best accommodations, wineries and restaurants in your price range, you can relax into your decadent itinerary. Book a room with the biggest bed you can find! In addition to providing a setting for the obvious erotic activities, you deeply enjoy cuddling and long naps on your baecations. When you emerge from your quarters, you like to explore at an unhurried pace, stopping into bakeries in between shopping, checking out galleries and listening to live music at night. If you’re looking for love, you could find it with a fellow arts appreciator or while on a guided tour. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a fellow culture vulture!

Best “baecation” spot: Paris
Dreamy digs: Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris


You’re here, you’re there, you’re everywhere! For the eternally curious Gemini, variety is the spice that keeps your vacations hot. Take a whirlwind tour through a major city known for its arts scene and thriving nightlife. So you don’t O.D. on random wandering—and frustrate your S.O. in the process—purchase tickets to at least one event or performance. Cultural activities that provoke conversation are always an aphrodisiac for your intellectual sign, and a great way to bring back the sparks. Unattached Gems will revel in the opportunity to flirt your way through a new zip code (or country code!). By the time the sojourn is through, you’ll probably know all the baristas, shopkeepers and surf instructors on a first-name basis—and your daily chit-chats could evolve into a full-on vacation romance! Be sure to learn the steps of the traditional dances in the area before you go. With fleet-footed Mercury as your ruler, single Gems might meet your match while shaking it at the club!

Best “baecation” spot: Barcelona
Dreamy digs: Grand Hotel Central


Could you and your boo eat your way through a city? You’ll certainly give it your best shot, Cancer! As the zodiac’s epicurean, your most romantic journeys tend to double as tasting tours. Here’s a sexy scene: Wandering hand-in-hand through an artsy metropolis, sampling street-cart fare and stopping to sip craft cocktails, then, finishing the day at the most raved-about restaurant in town—where the playlist is as amazing as the menu. Private moments are also a must. Opt for sleeping quarters off the busy thoroughfares. As a water sign, an oversized tub or spacious shower can get you in the mood for lovin’. Single Cancers can be shyer about talking to strangers. If you’re looking for a vacation romance, travel with a fearless wing(wo)man who can help you break the ice with the area hotties. As a water sign, pool parties can also bring out your flirtatious nature. Order a margarita from the swim-up bar and see who’s got game!

Best “baecation” spot: New Orleans
Dreamy digs: Hotel Monteleone


As the zodiac’s royal, your day-to-day life is mired in responsibility, so your vacation marching orders are simple: To relax and be pampered! For best results, splurge on luxury accommodations for the first couple nights where you can sip champagne in a robe and eat breakfast from silver room-service trays. You’ll quickly dissolve the stress of daily life and get into more amorous spirits. If you’re traveling with a partner, make a budget for spoiling yourselves. You love to surprise your sweetie with presents or spring for side-by-side spa services. Solo Leos, just treat yourself! You could return home with all traces of “tech neck” eradicated and a gorgeous piece of jewelry to flaunt. Once you’ve rested up, move into the “playful adventures” part of the trip. Tour the area on a party boat, take a dance class, wander through museums. Joining group activities is the perfect way for glamorous Leos to lure a mate, especially if dressing up is involved.

Best “baecation” spot: Los Angeles
Dreamy digs: Sofitel LA at Beverly Hills


As an earth sign, an outdoorsy summer vacation will activate your love jones—as long as it isn’t too rustic. While your no-fuss sign doesn’t require ultra-fancy, you need a clean (and ideally, insect-free) environment for optimal relaxation and romance. Slip off to a serene natural setting with a high spiritual frequency—think, Maui, Machu Picchu or a mountain lodge—for a meaningful bonding experience with bae. Since you love to learn the local lore, hire a private guide to walk you through the most legit destinations. Single Virgos could find that spark at a yoga retreat or on a camping trip with your friend group. If you visit a city, scout out small clubs where you
can get lost in the music you love, or check out cultural events that satisfy your intellect. Since it can be hard to find people who share your discerning tastes, these activities can help you find your people—and hopefully, spark that mind-body-soul connection Virgos crave!

Best “baecation” spot: Sedona
Dreamy digs: L’Auberge de Sedona


For serene and soulful Libras, the journey is as important as the destination. Plus, you hate to be rushed!  Skip the airport hassles and take a leisurely road trip with your favorite plus-one. While on the open road, you’ll have plenty of time to listen to your favorite double-length albums and engage in deep discussions about why the lyrics hit you right in the feels. Plan on making a few spontaneous detours to check out farm stands, and maybe that high-end outlet mall. You’d prefer if your final destination had luxe amenities, like a rooftop bar with a nightly DJ, a decadent spa, or maybe even a cabin on a yacht! But since it’s truly people who make your vacation, you’d be willing to glamp in an RV for the benefit of partying with your squad. Summer musical festivals were made for Libras. Artists performing on multiple stages and crowds of interesting and attractive strangers? That’s your idea of heaven! And when you’re in your element like that, you’re a total love magnet. The hardest part will be choosing the person most deserving of your amorous attention.

Best “baecation” spot: The Hamptons
Dreamy digs: Luxe East Hampton House (Vacation Rental)


Privacy, please! Intense, one-on-one bonding is what makes your baecations hot, Scorpio. For the most part, you do not want to be disturbed. An apartment-style dwelling—or a hotel that won’t send in housekeeping before noon—would be your ideal accommodations. As a water sign, being near the sea is an aphrodisiac. Serene Scorpios may find amorous bliss on a sparsely populated peninsula or island. Book two tickets on that seaplane and get frisky under a stylish canopy of mosquito net hanging over a ginormous bed. Just make sure there is something to explore, like wandering through the jungle canopy to discover ruins. (You can get a little moody when you’re cooped up for too long.) City-oriented Scorpios should head to a cosmopolitan beach town with amazing seaside bars and clubs that stay open until sunrise. As the zodiac’s night owl, your sexiest side emerges after dark. An animal attraction could erupt on the dance floor, one of your favorite ways to experience raw, unspoken chemistry that cannot be denied.

Best “baecation” spot: Bora Bora
Dreamy digs: Le Meridien Bora Bora


Tearing a busy Sagittarius away from your projects is no easy feat, but travel is your raison d’etre. As soon as your suitcase wheels out the front door, you transform from workaholic to free-spirit. Woo-hoo! Lounging in a hammock with bae can be romantic for a little while (like max two hours), but that crocheted love nest could get claustrophobic. What turns you on, in fact, is the spirit of shared discovery. After a wonder-filled day of bargaining at open-air markets and wandering down side streets (and trails), you’ll be totally frisky! Nature is the ideal backdrop for your amorous thrills, whether you’re in a tent, open-air palapa or on a blanket in the woods. Archers love to be immersed in the authentic culture of any environment, chatting up the locals and trying out the native language. Your affable nature could score you a tour guide who knows all the insider spots and parties—and maybe a lover in a brand new port!

Best “baecation” spot: Thailand
Dreamy digs: The Boathouse Phuket


Work and travel often mix for the industrious Capricorn, so when it’s time to take a romantic vacation, leave all tools of the trade at home! Cupid could even point you off the grid, perhaps on couple’s safari or to a mountain lodge with limited wi-fi reception and giant windows facing the peaks so you don’t have to draw the drapes to get it on. Ahhh. When it comes to accommodations, your classy sign loves to kick back in elegant style. Architecture is a passion of earth-sign Capricorns and you may be drawn to uniquely-built hotels with beautifully manicured grounds. There, you could meet fellow design appreciators whose sophisticated tastes arouse sparks. Twosome travels should yield the opportunity to learn a new, shared skill. Get scuba certified and go out on a dive boat; or take a regional food and wine tour to collect ideas for a future dinner party. These planned activities are also an ideal “singles mingle” for the solo Sea Goat since you prefer to bond through “doing” rather than making small talk.

Best “baecation” spot: Charleston
Dreamy digs: Zero George Street


The more, the merrier? For communal Aquarians, an ideal couples’ getaway might include more than just “the two of us.” Your friend network doubles as your extended family—and you want your S.O. to know them, love them, and basically become one of them. That’s amore, in the world of a Water Bearer! Group travel is also the perfect way for single Aquarians to find romance since friendship is the essential spark that lights your fire. As the zodiac’s humanitarian, “volun-tourism” is your jam, and you could meet a soulmate on a do-gooder journey this summer. Or, with festival season in full swing, rent an RV with friends for a weeklong road trip. Just make sure you have some sort of private quarters for getting frisky with your S.O. or with the surprise hook-up you meet on the trip! Looking for something a little more couple-y? Book a room in a chic downtown hotel where the two of you can pop out for 24/7 exploration and get freaky among those skyline views!

Best “baecation” spot: Las Vegas
Dreamy digs: The Cosmopolitan


Sweet fantasy! Your everyday life is like an ongoing daydream, so when you pack your bags for a real-time, romantic vacation, it’s bound to be epic. Destinations near water are obviously ideal for the zodiac’s Fish—the more fairy-tale touches, the better. You might actually bed down in a converted palace with rose petals strewn across the steps or a tiled Moroccan riad with a private pool. Single Pisces could meet your match on a seafaring sojourn, like a cruise around the Greek islands or an overnight on a yacht. Your caring sign could also be drawn to charitable vacations where you spend part of the trip helping a community that’s recovering from a natural disaster. That’s a great way to meet someone who shares your compassionate character or to bond with your boo in that meaningful way you long for.

Best “baecation” spot: Crete
Dreamy digs: Blue Palace

What’s the most romantic trip you’ve ever taken?

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