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Essential items to pack for your Work From Here trip

This article was written by guest author, Oneika Raymond.

So the plans have been made, the tickets have been booked, and now all there’s left to do is embark on your ‘work from here’ adventure with Expedia. But not so fast! Before you skip town to fulfill your remote working dreams, you have to pack for your extended stay away from home.

Now, packing for a typical vacation can be onerous for even the most frequent traveler. However, figuring out what to bring on your ‘work from here’ trip can prove to be even more of a challenge, mainly because you have to include essentials for both work and play. There are also additional things to consider bringing along, especially when you’ll be traveling with kids. But while the prospect of packing for this type of journey can seem downright daunting, never fear! I’ve partnered with Expedia to share my checklist for the most important items to pack for your ‘work from here’ trip, so that your getaway prep will be a cinch.

1. A light-weight, updated laptop and/or tablet

While packing a laptop is a given in any remote working environment, a sleek, up-to-date machine is a must-have on your ’work from here’ trip.  This will give you the ability to truly take advantage of your new destination: a fast, portable laptop means that you can work effectively and efficiently from anywhere (like a park, or better yet, the beach). Consider bringing a tablet along as well; since it’s even smaller and more portable than your laptop, it’ll allow you to complete quick work tasks more easily while you’re outside or on the go.

2. A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and portable power banks

Speaking of the beach, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot will give you the unique freedom to surf the web between surfing the waves if you so choose. With a strong Wi-Fi connection you can essentially tackle your work to-do list from the comfort of your lounge chair or picnic blanket. Portable chargers are also a must so your devices can stay juiced up without requiring access to a power outlet.  After all, nothing says “remote work” like being completely location independent!

3. Noise-cancelling headphones

Going on a workcation with kids often means that they’re playing in the background while you’re trying to get work done.  Noise-cancelling headphones thus allow you to better focus on things like conference calls or seminars while still sharing space with your little ones.  They are also perfect for listening to music or podcasts on your downtime without interruption. Headsets are also an important addition to your ’work from here’ arsenal; not only are they great for when you’re giving a presentation and need enhanced mic capabilities, you can easily tend to your children since your hands are completely free.

4. A portable laptop table

Your remote working set-up may not include a desk and that’s totally okay.  Instead, revolutionize your ’work from here’ experience by getting a foldable laptop table. I guarantee that it will make working from your bed, a bench, or the beach a snap, and it can double as a portable tray for meals to boot.

5. A portable playard for babies

Embarking on your ‘work from here’ trip with a toddler in tow?  There’s no need to stress over their sleeping arrangements if they’re still too young for a bed.  Ditch your plans to lug your clunky crib and travel with a lightweight pack-and-play instead; it’s suitable for your child to hang out in during the day as well as perfect for naps and overnight sleeps. The portability of it also means that you can throw it into the back of the car and bring it wherever your adventures take you.

6. A lightweight stroller and/or baby carrier

The whole point of a ‘work from here’ trip is to explore your new surroundings, so mobility is key—especially when you’re traveling with young children. A lightweight, foldable stroller is thus essential so you and your tykes can navigate your neighborhood and beyond. Planning on activities like hiking that require tackling rougher terrain?  I highly recommend bringing a baby carrier: wearing your baby will give you the chance to wander not only with ease, but also hands-free.

7. Wardrobe built for exploring

Whether you’re planning a beach getaway, a ‘work from here’ trip in the woods, or a city break, packing clothing suitable for long days of touring is absolutely imperative. Of course, while these items will vary depending on the precise location, a good pair of walking shoes will never do you wrong.  Whatever you do, be sure to check your destination’s official tourism website for essential information like attractions, things to see and do, and seasonal temperatures.  This will help you to better plan the specifics of what kind of clothing you need to bring on your trip.

While packing for a ‘work from here’ trip can be a pain, these tips will ensure you have all the essentials necessary to make it a success.  Bon voyage!

What are your packing essentials while traveling?

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