By Expedia Guest Author, on December 10, 2020

Tips for taking a workcation in the U.S.

This post was written by guest author, Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad).

Since starting my travel blog in 2012, I have been traveling full-time so I’ve learned a thing or two about working on-the-go, managing a team in different time zones, and running an online business remotely.

For me, working from home (or wherever I was traveling at the time) means a little bit of getting work done in my office (or hotel), and then switching things up and venturing to a local coffee shop.

But this year has thrown us all for a loop and really changed the way we do things. With so many industries changing to remote work, we’re learning a lot of us can effectively do our jobs from anywhere—so long as we are in a ‘close enough’ time zone and have access to good Wi-Fi.

If there’s anything that travel has taught us, it’s that you don’t have to go far; but a change in scenery and a change in your mindset go a long way. It shakes up your routine, helps you to appreciate the little things at home, and you come back with fresh eyes.

That’s why Expedia launched “Work From Here!” This is an exciting initiative, born from these unprecedented changes. Could you use a getaway where you balance working on yourself and preserving your zen while staying connected and getting your job done?

Keep reading for more information about what it means to “Work From Here” and my tips for how to work from anywhere.

What does it mean to “Work From Here”

If you primarily work from your laptop (and/or phone), you may find yourself changing up your scenery during your workday… from the dining room to your home office, to the patio.

But what if instead of moving around your place to break up the day—you changed cities?

Expedia is helping wanderlust workers achieve a fresh outlook by turning their vacation daydreams into work from anywhere realities. Expedia curated special Work From Here destinations that include key amenities necessary for those working remotely: high-speed internet, a scenic view, and easy access to socially distanced activities. Essentially, it’s mixing business with pleasure.

That said, your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others is crucial at this time. Expedia understands how the global impact of coronavirus continues to affect travelers everywhere and the importance of abiding by government restrictions and practicing social distancing.

If you’re like me and losing your marbles a little bit from staring at the same wall, embrace your opportunity to work remotely from somewhere else and come back feeling refreshed and more productive.

All you need is your laptop, a charger, and to pack your bags for whatever climate you’ll be in! Find your happy place while doing your job—it’s all about balance.

My Tips for a Work From Here Trip

Workspace Set Up

Create a space dedicated to your work, and free of distractions! For me, that means out of view of a television, if possible. You want to create an area where you can really focus and hone in on your to-do list!

When deciding where to take your ‘work from here’ trip, consider staying close to a time zone that aligns with your coworkers, or company’s operating hours, so that you can maintain a somewhat normal schedule on while working in a new or different location. You don’t want to have to get up at 4 a.m. every morning to work!

Make sure you have all your chargers, devices, adapters, hard drives, and anything else you need to do your job before you leave for your ‘work from here’ trip. Not every destination will have the same conveniences as home.


Keep a running “To Do” list and goals for what you’d like to accomplish each day — it helps with productivity and keeps you focused on end goals, even if you happen to get distracted momentarily.

Set hours for yourself: start early in the morning so you can enjoy the afternoon and evening, or conversely, work late and into the evening to go hiking early and enjoy the morning. Then, stick to the same schedule every day, if possible—depending on your work hours, try to wake up each morning at the same time, the same as you would if you were going into an office. It helps your circadian rhythm and prevents sleepiness or lag during the day.

Take breaks and stand up from your work area from time to time. I know firsthand it can be easy to zone in on a certain task and come up for air hours later—but it’s important that you take breaks. Get up and head outside for a short walk or pop into a local coffee shop, give your eyes a rest from the computer screen, and make sure you’re drinking water! (Not just caffeine all day long.)

If you use video conferencing or have to make a lot of calls for your remote job, make sure to keep a calendar of meetings and set alarms for each! Sometimes it can be easy to get distracted and lose track of time if you’re exploring a new destination, so make sure you plan ahead so you don’t miss a call.

Set boundaries for your workday to ensure you’re not working around the clock just because you’re near your computer. Stick to your standard work hours and set an out of office alert when you’re offline—it seriously helps with your mental health if you can ‘turn off’ the workday and enjoy your free time.


Take advantage of natural lulls in the day and use the time to appreciate your surroundings. Instead of a traditional “lunch” break, I often hop in the car and take a quick drive to the bluffs overlooking the Pacific. If you can swing it, a mid-day hike in the mountains or quick surf session is the perfect way to set yourself up for a productive afternoon.

Order in snacks and drinks from a favorite local restaurant and celebrate the accomplishments of the day in a virtual happy hour with coworkers (or friends!).

Work From Here with Expedia

Does a different work location seem like just the thing you need? I know so many people who would benefit from this and regain their productivity just by getting a change of scenery.

Well-being is paramount. So, the idea behind a ‘work from here’ trip is that you’re still maintaining normal work routines, and following local rules and social distancing, but changing up your “off-time” with some new scenery. You can work from your room with an epic view or have opportunities to get out and explore wide-open spaces.

Expedia can help you make the most of your trip, with so many resources to help you plan your trip by drawing inspiration from local travel experts. Expedia provides you with the tools to plan out your dream WFH trip.

Cure your wanderlust responsibly and when we can travel freely—Expedia has so many resources for you to plan the ultimate trip!

Where would you like to take a workcation?

Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad)

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