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What to pack for a Work From Here trip

This post was written by guest author, Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad).

As a travel blogger, I’ve been on the road and traveling for the better part of a decade. My “office” has been a myriad of hotel rooms, coffee shops, Airbnbs, and bungalows by the beach—you name it, I’ve probably worked from there.

So, I’m quite experienced with setting up shop and getting my to-do list done from just about anywhere. Without a permanent office, I’ve always bought my work with me, and the tools I need to get it done.

If you’re one of the many people who has switched to working from home this year and are now looking to shake things up for a “Work From Here” trip with Expedia, I’m here to help you create the perfect packing list!

I’m sort of a self-proclaimed work-from-anywhere expert, so I put together this list to make sure you stay connected wherever you go, and make the most out of whatever location you choose!


Here’s what to pack for your Work From Here trip.

Essentials to Pack For Any Destinations

The key to a ‘Work From Here’ trip is to be efficient and focused with your work, while exploring somewhere new. That starts with being well-rested, comfortable and content in your new digs. These are some of the essentials and comforts that I always travel with:

  • Eye Mask — Time changes and different lighting in a new bedroom can mess with your sleep routine! I bring an eye mask along so I can get some solid shut-eye no matter what.
  • Earplugs — You never know what noises you might come across in a new destination, so best to be safe and bring along some foam ear plugs.
  • Slippers — I love comfy and cozy items, so if I know I’m going somewhere for a few weeks, I’ll bring my favorite items like slippers, a robe, etc.
  • Silk Pillowcase — I always travel with a silk pillowcase, even on shorter trips, because it’s a comfort from home and is great for my skin!
  • Any other comforts that will make your new place feel like home temporarily, so that you can be just as productive from anywhere!

What to Pack for a ‘Work From Here’ Beach Destination

Whether you’re hanging out in sunny San Diego or you’re laying beachside in Mexico, there are a few essentials when it comes to packing.

  • Swimsuit — I pack a swimsuit for every place I travel to (no matter the weather — you never know where you’ll find a cozy spa!). For places where the weather is warm year round, a swimsuit (or two) are serious necessities!
  • Sunscreen — Even if you’re not planning on working on your tan, sunscreen is a must. Especially if you’re hiking or going for a walk on the beach.
  • Sunglasses – What getaway is complete without a pair (or two) of your favorite sunnies?
  • Comfortable Sneakers — Whether there is a fitness center you can get some cardio in, or good hiking trails, comfortable sneakers are a must. Going for walks throughout the day is a great way to break up your work schedule and give your eyes a rest from your screen.
  • Dry Bag — I don’t go anywhere near the water without my dry bag. It’s perfect for protecting your essentials (think phone, camera and wallet) from sand and water!
  • Workout Gear/Athleisure Wear — Can one ever have too many pieces of athleisure wear? Bring on the comfy clothes!
  • Several outfits that you can dress up or down (think a dress you can lounge in by the pool, and then you can dress it up with a jacket for grabbing a bite to eat)
  • A Trusty Water Bottle — Make sure you’re staying hydrated and not drinking *just* coffee all day

What to Pack for a ‘Work From Here’ City Destination

Depending where you are based, this might look very similar to what you’d normally wear at home!

  • Comfortable Shoes — Comfortable sneakers are a must for when you get to explore the city before or after work hours. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, seeing the nearby sights throughout the day is a great way to break up your work schedule.
  • A Day Bag — When you’re out exploring the city, you’ll want a day bag where you can tuck your essentials, water bottle and clothing layers, just in case!
  • Workout Gear/Athleisure Wear — You’ll need something comfy to wear when you check out the local scenery!
  • Several outfits that you can dress up or down. A capsule wardrobe that you can mix-and-match is the best for travel. If you’re opting for a cold weather destination, be sure to bring a few warm layers too!
  • A Trusty Water Bottle — No matter where you go, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day!

And I think it goes without saying, but in a post-COVID travel scenario, we should always be bringing along our hand sanitizers, masks and other health necessities.

‘Work from Here’ Office Essentials to Stay Connected

Create a playlist ahead of time that helps you focus and get into a work mode — I always make playlists for different trips to help me stay energized, motivated and focused.

  • Portable Wi-Fi — I always recommend bringing along a Wi-Fi hotspot. In the past, Mobile Wi-Fi has been a necessity to stay connected on the road whenever I was prepping blog posts or updating social media.
  • Chargers, Electronics and Hard Drives — Whatever you need to get your work done, make sure you bring it with you. It’s not as easy as walking to another room in your place to grab the cord you need. I would suggest getting a zippered pouch or specified bag for all your cords and electronics and keep everything as organized as possible.
  • Computer and Phone — While these are big ticket items that usually aren’t missed, it’s good to add them to the list, just in case. 😉
  • Portable Charger/Power Bank — If you’re taking your work with you to the beach or going for long walks and need to ensure your phone is charged, I highly suggest bringing a portable charger with a USB output!
  • Notepad or Planner — For taking down any important info during your Zoom calls and creating your To-Do list. You may not use one at home, but sometimes it’s good to start new daily routines to keep you organized and focused.
  • Headphones — In case you get a work call while you’re out and about, or are sharing your space with others working.


There it is—my go to guide to prep for any kind of getaway. You’ve got the list, now where are you going to head for a ‘work from here’ trip? And, of course, please make sure to follow all local health guidelines when traveling and in your new destination.

What’s on your WFH packing list?

Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad)

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