By Tarran Street, on March 10, 2015

Expedia is coming to Apple Watch

Were you one of the thousands of people (like we) who just tuned into Apple’s livestream for more juicy details about the most anticipated new gadget of the year? That’s right, the Apple Watch is almost here, and Expedia is thrilled to be one of the first apps users can experience when the wearable device becomes available on April 24.

As new technologies emerge, we want our users to be among the first to experience them. Apple Watch enables us to deliver a unique and convenient new way to engage with the Expedia App on your wrist so you can travel like a pro.

Actionable notifications

Receive notifications on your wrist for flight status, gate changes, hotel check-in and check-out, and more. Running to your gate and your flight gets delayed? We’ll send you a notification so you can stop for that much needed coffee after all.


Easily see the information you care about most at a glance. Simply swipe up on the watch face and scroll left or right to find your Expedia Glance. Wondering if your room is ready or not? See your most relevant reservation information, such as hotel check-in time.

The app

Expedia on Apple Watch will provide travelers with quick access to important travel information on the go. You’ll be able to check itineraries for your upcoming trips. You also will be able to get detailed flight and hotel information. For flights, you can see departure and arrival times, gate numbers and terminals. For hotels, you can get check-in and check-out times, maps, directions, and phone numbers.

This is simply the beginning. The Apple Watch is enabling us to change the way people travel. We can’t wait to do and share more. Stay tuned!