By Expedia, on May 21, 2019

Iconic American Summer Road Trips

Nothing says summer quite like a road trip. This summer, cover one of these routes for a truly special summer road trip. Whether it’s traversing the beautiful Pacific Coast, following the classic Oregon Trail, or carousing through the Deep South; you’ll be stunned by the beauty, culture and incredible sights you’ll encounter on your way.

  • Blue-Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a national parkway noted for its incredible and scenic beauty. The parkway runs for 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina, linking Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina. It runs along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains, from where it gets its name.

blue ridge mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains

The Parkway features shrubs, wildflowers in the spring, as well as brilliant autumn foalidge in late September to early October.

The Parkway is most commonly enjoyed by car, but the route is also accessible by bicycle and motorcycle. RV’s are also popular along the route, as is stopping for hiking, camping and fishing. The Blue Ridge Parkway is also a center for mountain communities in North Carolina and Virginia and a showcase for traditional arts and crafts from the region.

  • The Deep South

A road trip from Charleston, South Carolina to New Orleans, Louisiana takes you through some of the most emblematic sites in the United States, especially for the American South. This road trip can also be tailored depending upon what sights and cities that you’d like to visit. Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis are just a handful of the cities lying between Charleston and New Orleans.

charleston south carolina
Charleston, South Carolina

This southern road trip takes you through several centers of American music history. From the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Beale Street in Memphis and New Orleans’ Jazz and marching bands, this trip is a trip for any American audiophile.

Along with music, cuisine also takes center stage on this trip. Whether its hot chicken, gumbo, barbeque or biscuits and gravy, taking a trip from Charleston to New Orleans is sure to immerse you in the best of Southern cooking.

new orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
  • The Oregon Trail

There might not be a more iconic road trip than following the historic Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail was the path taken by American pioneers as they traversed their way across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains of the West. Starting in Independence, Missouri and finishing in Portland, Oregon, the wagon ruts of countless teams of pioneers are still visible today.

western oregon oregon trail
Western Oregon

The trail is perfect for outdoor enthusaists, photographers or adventure seekers. The trail takes you through some of the most awe-inspiring views and sights in North America. From the stunning drops and vistas of the Rocky Mountains, to the pine tree filled valleys of Oregon, to the solitary beauty of the Great Plains.

the great plains
The Great Plains
  • The Pacific Coast Highway

Arguably one of the most famous drives in the world, the Pacific Coast Highway takes you across the varied landscape and seascapes of Pacific California. The highway covers 600 miles of California’s coastlines with parts giving great views of rocky beaches, redwood groves and endless mountains.

california coastline
California Coastline

Along the way, the trip also offers plenty of stops. Everything from Hollywood glamour to local vineyards and surfing villages are available along the trip. You can start the trip in picturesque San Francisco or ritzy Los Angeles, while stopping along the way for surfing on the central coast, hiking in Big Sur, or the relaxed maritime lifestyle of Santa Barbara or Monterey.

All of these routes can be customized to your own preferences, allowing you to find the perfect road trip for your summer. Whether its something iconic or just visiting your friends in a different state, a road trip is sure to add excitement and adventure to your next vacation.