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Tahiti Vacation Ideas


Tahiti Vacation Ideas

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[video-blue-header]One of French Polynesia’s best-known islands, Tahiti, is beautiful to the eye: mountains, jungles and coral reefs surround the cosmopolitan city at its heart. Of the 118 archipelagos in the South Pacific, none are bigger than sun-drenched Tahiti, which has earned the moniker “Queen of the Pacific.” Its metropolitan center, Papeete, is a hub for culture and is the capital of French Polynesia. For those dreaming of an escape to paradise, we have some fantastic vacations ideas to help you plan a Tahiti itinerary. From tourist must-sees to local favorites and hidden gems, check out our list of the best places to visit in Tahiti.


Ideas of places to visit in Tahiti

cultural rhythms of the region have held strong over the centuries regardless of which nation’s flag catches the ocean breeze. Tahiti attractions span both the naturally beautiful and the historically significant. As you fill your Tahiti travel itinerary with the best spots, you’ll find a diverse vacation awaits you.

Papeete Market - Tahiti

Papeete Market

(1:50 in the video) Pay a visit to the oldest attraction on the island, Papeete Market, which sits in the heart of French Polynesia’s capital city and is just a short walk from the bay. Leave an hour or so in your travel itinerary to take in this traditional marketplace full of exotic fruit, tropical fish and handmade artifacts.

Black Pearl Museum - Tahiti

Pearl Museum

(2:30 in the video) Marvel at one of the largest pearls ever found at the Black Pearl Museum. The rare black pearl remains as celebrated today as it did in the fabled pirate tales of old and is a must-see for travelers to the island. Indulge in the air of mysticism surrounding this Tahiti museum, where the cultural importance of pearls is explained through storytelling, history exhibits and art.

Pointe Venus Lighthouse - Tahiti

Venus Lighthouse

(3:18 in the video) Point Venus Lighthouse is among the most iconic landmarks on the island of Tahiti. The elegant, palm-fringed white structure is built on the spot where Captain Cook set up an observatory to examine the planet Venus. Stand at the same site where, in 1769, navigational science was changed forever. The panoramic views of the bay make a visit to this attraction appealing to both nature and history lovers alike.

Museum of Tahiti and its Islands - Tahiti

Museum of Tahiti and Its Islands

(5:02 in the video) Learn about the customs and traditions of this intriguing part of the world that have endured and evolved over the centuries. A trip to the museum is one of the best things to do for visitors wanting to connect with Tahiti and its story before and after colonization. Examine the engravings from adventurer James Cook’s journal and see costumes and tools used by the Indigenous peoples of French Polynesia.

Arahurahu - Tahiti


(5:22 in the video) Stand silently within the temple and see if you can sense the spirits that are said to linger in these ruins. The Marae Arahurahu Temple is an ancient meeting place and shrine on Tahiti’s western coast. The temple, which celebrated the powers of the tiki sacred statue, is one of the best preserved on the island. For history and culture enthusiasts, this attraction is a must-have on your Tahiti itinerary.

Temae Beach - Tahiti

Temae Beach

(7:48 in the video) No vacation to Tahiti is complete without taking the short ferry to its sister island of Moorea. Set aside a day in your travel itinerary to soak up some sun on Temae Beach. This public-access beach on Moorea’s east coast is one of the most popular. Visitors can all find enough space to relax in their own patch of paradise. Bask in the sun or snooze in the shade of the tropical almond trees that make this beach a great choice for families. Put on your reef shoes and head out snorkeling to make the most of this area’s incredible natural splendor.

Tiahura Beach - Tahiti

Tiahura Beach

(8:23 in the video) Don’t miss a visit to Tiahura Beach, a palm-dotted stretch of sandy beach fronting the western edge of Tiahura commune. Lush tropical vegetation borders its eastern side while to the west is a long jetty from which visitors can peer into the natural treasure trove beneath the sea surface. The beach overlooks Moorea’s tranquil lagoon and the yachts and motorboats that skim the azure waters. Swim or snorkel in the gentle waters and look back at the pretty thatched rooves and swaying coconut palms of the commune.

Moorea Tropical Garden - Tahiti

Moorea Tropical Garden

(8:58 in the video) At Moorea Tropical Garden, taste test your way through the many tropical and exotic fruits that found their way to the fertile soils of French Polynesia. A Tahiti itinerary should definitely include trying farm-to-table produce, including sweet treats, freshly squeezed juices and homemade jams, on offer at this idyllic little farming estate overlooking the lagoon of Opunohu Bay.

Belvedere Lookout - Tahiti

Belvedere Lookout

(0:00 in the video) Follow the winding road up Mount Tohivea to this magnificent lookout for an unrivalled panorama of the surrounding bays, jagged peaks, valleys and farms that make up the island of Moorea. Make your way up the steep track via car, scooter, ATV or on foot and zigzag up the mountainous slope to reach the mesmerizing heights of this scenic lookout. Belvedere Lookout rewards visitors with sweeping views across the northern half of Moorea. Take photographs of the panoramic scenery and see if you can point out the island’s landmarks.



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