By Courtney Scott, on March 1, 2016

Top wellness hotels

One of the biggest hotel trends you will see in 2016 is an emphasis on wellness. As a frequent traveler, I have noticed that an increasing number of hotels are already making health and wellness a priority by creating more yoga rooms and healthy dining options. Here are four hotels around the world that have taken wellness to a whole new level!

Alaya Hotel in Tulum, Mexico

Alaya is one of three Tulum hotels to host Life Source Retreats, a series of luxury retreats that help you with everything from managing stress to detoxifying your body. The hotel itself is the embodiment of the Tulum spirit: beachy, Bohemian and environmentally conscious. You will feel inspired by its design at every turn. Each all-inclusive Life Source retreat involves much more than just yoga. From sound healing meditation to Mayan mud circles and Temezcal ceremonies, expert healers, life coaches, and nutritionists will help you reset and recenter you life in the most idyllic setting imaginable. All meals are included with your stay here, but you can customize dining options with a choice of an entirely raw, vegan menu, or a juice detox!  This is the ultimate rejuvenation for your mind, body, and soul.

Café Royal Hotel in London, England

Head to Regent Street in London and prepare to immersive yourself into the world of Akasha Luxury Spa at the Café Royal Hotel. Here, specialists such as Reiki masters, aquatic bodywork instructors and intuitive counselors are on-hand to show you innovative new approaches to holistic well-being. Round out your experience with a dip in London’s first Watsu pool for a hydro-treatment and a purifying scrub in the spa’s exquisite Hammam. Also try the spa’s delicious menu of teas, shakes, juices, and sugarless, gluten-free sweets!

Viewfinder Tip: Temezcal is a traditional purification ceremony that takes place in a stone house, or “calli.” The steam can be intense, but you feel extremely rejuvenated afterward.

Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

I’ve always loved being in the desert. The air, the light — it’s all very grounding. One of the best desert retreats is Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. This resort offers guests one of the most comprehensive lists of wellness offerings in the world.  If you’re seeking to get fit, the hotel’s exercise physiologists can design a customized plan that takes advantage of Canyon Ranch’s sprawling aerobic and aqua centers. You can even take to the high ropes and challenge your fears. If you’re seeking something more metaphysical, have an astrology or crystal energy session. Whatever aspect of your life that you wish to enrich, Canyon Ranch has something for you.

COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, Indonesia 

If Bali has been at the top of your bucket list, you should book a stay at the COMO Shambhala Estate. Once you step foot on this property you will feel instantly relaxed. It is a true escape from it all. Every day at COMO Shambhala Estate, you can start your morning with complimentary yoga classes, guided walks, and group wellness activities. And since you are in Bali, a place known for its healing powers, you should absolutely try a traditional Balinese healing ceremony or a temple purification ceremony. Customized Ayurvedic nutritional programs and cleanses will kick-start your metabolism and have you feeling fantastic while you soak in the sights, sounds and soul of this magical place.