By Camille Meyers, on October 14, 2020

Virtual Halloween party ideas

With a jolt of electricity, Halloween is alive in 2020 and taking over cyberspace. Send spiders creeping along the world wide web to invite your friends to a virtual Halloween party. Download a spooky Zoom background, brew some creepy cocktails or tricky treats, and celebrate with these virtual Halloween activities.

Virtual Halloween Party Costume Contest

Father and daughter dressed as skeletons

Where else but a virtual Halloween party can you video chat with a Jedi, a dinosaur, and a princess all that the same time? Up your game by matching your background to your costume. Find inspiration from these Star Wars film locations, dinosaur destinations, or fairy-tale places. Dressing up is one of the best parts about Halloween, so gather your friends and show off your creative spirit with a virtual costume contest. You can assign one partygoer as judge or have everyone vote by posting an online poll in your video chat.

Virtual Halloween Party Games and Activities

A family surrounded by decorations celebrating a virtual Halloween party on a laptop

Enliven your virtual Halloween party with some ghoulish games and activities. Create a spooky scavenger hunt that your guests can do around their respective homes. Send everyone a list of items, such as a black cat, decorative gourd, and pumpkin spice. Then, set a time limit and have your attendees snap photos of as many items on the list as they can find around their house and share it on video chat. Creative submissions are encouraged! You can also get your guests moving around and howling with laughter by playing a game of Halloween charades.

Sign up with your friends for an online Jack the Ripper Murder Mystery where a live guide takes you around the streets of London once stalked by the infamous serial killer. Look for clues, examine evidence, and see if you can solve the gruesome murder mystery.

Creepy Cocktails and Halloween Snacks

A red cocktail drink with fake edible eyeballs on a skewer

Before the party, send Halloween-themed recipes to your invitees to help everyone get into the spirit of the holiday. You can find plenty of creepy cocktail or monstrous mocktail recipes online if you need a little inspiration. You can even make it into a party game to see who can make the best (and comically worst) spider cupcakes or pumpkin cheeseball in a Nailed It-style competition. A wine and chocolate tasting or beer and candy pairing makes a great activity for an adults-only virtual Halloween party.

Virtual Haunted House

The exterior of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California

If you’re looking for some chills and thrills this October 31, take a virtual tour of a haunted place with your friends. Explore the many rooms and staircases to nowhere of the Winchester Mystery House on a virtual tour. Supposedly, Sarah Winchester continually remodeled her San Jose, California mansion to confuse ghosts seeking revenge on the family that created the Winchester rifle.

Without leaving your home, head beneath the streets of Paris with your friends for an online tour of the Paris catacombs with a live guide. See thousands of human bones artfully arranged in the narrow underground corridors while learning about the history behind this gruesome landmark.

Deepen you experience of these haunted places by taking an online Paranormal Investigation 101 Course to become a certified ghost hunter.

Virtual Halloween Movie Night

A woman watching a scary movie at home during a virtual Halloween party

You don’t have to watch a scary movie alone in the dark when you can stream it with your friends. With apps like Amazon Prime Watch Party and Netflix Party you can all stream and scream together. You can also go on a nostalgia trip with a feel-good Halloween classic like Hocus Pocus, which was filmed in the real-life witchy town of Salem, Massachusetts.

What are your ideas for a virtual Halloween party?