Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Expedia+ business?
    Expedia+ business is a unique program which provides valuable features and benefits to businesses who choose to book their business travel on Once a month, or once a week – no matter how frequently your employees travel for business, this free program will help you save money by earning rewards that benefit the whole company, and save you time by consolidating all employee travel in one place. Please see How it works for more information on the various features of this program.
  • Is Expedia+ Business Accepting New Members?
    No. Expedia+ Business is not accepting new members at this time. To join Expedia+ rewards click here.
  • How much does it cost to join Expedia+ business?
    Nothing. Expedia+ business is a free program without any fees or costs.
  • How do I join Expedia+ business?
    Enroll your company for Expedia+ business by clicking Sign Up Today. Enter your company information, invite employees, and start earning rewards.
    Employees will receive invitations from the company to join with an invite code. Just enter the code with your username and password to join. You can create a new account if you don't already have one.
  • How do I book travel and earn rewards for my company?
    There are no extra steps required during booking. Just sign into the account you used to join the Expedia+ business program and book your travel. Look for the hotels marked "Expedia Rate" to earn reward nights for your company. Booked travel will automatically appear in your company’s account.
  • What kind of travel is eligible for company rewards through Expedia+ business?
    Pre-paid hotel nights of $50 or more, booked through or Expedia customer support, earn your company reward nights that can be converted into reward coupons. This includes pre-paid hotel only bookings and travel packages that include pre-paid hotel reservations. Cancelled itineraries and itineraries where reward coupons are used do not qualify for company reward nights.
  • Are there any purchase minimums to earn company rewards or blackout dates for redemption?
    To be eligible to earn rewards, a booking must be for at least $50 per night (before taxes and fees) at a pre-paid hotel.
  • Can I earn Expedia+ and Expedia+ business rewards simultaneously?
    Yes. If enrolled in both programs when you book eligible travel, you accrue Expedia+ points on your Expedia account, and your company accrues Expedia+ business.
  • How does Expedia+ business work with my frequent flyer program(s)?
    As part of the program, you continue earning your frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points for all trips booked through your Expedia account. These miles and points are not tracked in your company's Expedia+ business account.
  • Can I redeem company reward coupons for cash and airfare?
    Flexible Reward Coupons can only be used for pre-paid hotel bookings on, and are not redeemable for cash or airline tickets.
  • How can I monitor company travel using Expedia+ business?
    All enrolled employee travel booked on automatically appears in your company's Expedia+ business account. Quickly view total travel spend, all employee itineraries, and company reward nights and coupons earned.
  • How do I book travel, or make changes to itineraries, through the Expedia+ business site?
    At this time the Expedia+ business site only allows Administrators to view itineraries, track expenses and manage rewards.
    All travel must be booked or modified on by each employee, their approved travel arranger, or through Expedia customer support. Using, Administrators can request an enrolled employee's permission to become a travel arranger. Once accepted, the Administrators can book travel for that employee on The booked travel will automatically appear in the Expedia+ business site.
  • Why do I need an Expedia account to register for Expedia+ business?
    You must have an account to create and use an Expedia+ business account. When you register your Company, the Expedia account you use to sign up will automatically enroll you as a Company Administrator. Company Administrators will be able to sign-in to the Expedia+ business account and monitor travel and company rewards.
  • Why do I need to provide my company information and how will Expedia use this information?
    The Expedia+ business program is available to registered companies in the United States only. Expedia may use your company information to verify your company's eligibility. You can view Expedia's privacy policy for more details on how we will use your information.
  • What are the rules and terms for Expedia+ business?
    See the Terms of Use for rules and further details about Expedia+ business.
  • Does Expedia have any other business travel management programs besides Expedia+ business?
    Yes. As an alternative to Expedia+ business, companies spending over $100,000 per year in travel should speak to Egencia, the corporate travel arm of Expedia. Egencia offers a full suite of leading business travel tools and programs. Egencia can help you determine which travel solution is right for your company.
  • Do I have to be enrolled in Expedia+ to partcipate in Expedia+ business?
    Yes, enrollment in Expedia+ business requires you to be an Expedia+ member. This allows you and your employees to enjoy the +silver tier benefits. Learn more about the benefits of Expedia+ and +silver here.
  • How do I become an Expedia+ member and get +silver status?
    Within 72-hours after you've successfully enrolled in Expedia+ business, we will automatically enroll you in Expedia+ and the +silver tier. If you do not already have an Expedia+ account, we will automatically create an account for you.
Customer Support

Email us: You will receive a response to your email or feedback form inquiry within 2 business days.

You will receive a response to your email or feedback form inquiry within 2 business days.

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How to become a Travel Arranger

Access Travel Arranger settings

  • Log in to and click on My Account.
  • Select Arranger Settings in the left navigation and click on the Add an Account link under Accounts you are authorized to access.

Request permission to become a travel arranger

  • Enter the email addresses of the employees you wish to arrange travel for, and add a message to the employees.
  • Click on the Send Travel Arranger link at the bottom of the page to send an email request to your employees.

Confirm your Travel Arranger status

  • Once employees have accepted the request, you will receive an email.
  • Click on the link in the email to confirm your status as a travel arranger.

Book travel for your employees

  • Return to Arranger Settings in My Account on
  • Selecting the Book Travel link next to the employee's name.
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