By Expedia, on June 25, 2019

The Best Solo Travel Destinations

As the world’s fastest growing travel subset, solo travel is one of the most popular ways for people to book trips today. Many choose to travel alone for the flexibility, autonomy or simple convenience. After all, you can’t back out of a trip with yourself. But traveling solo also has its unique challenges as well. Traveling alone means you don’t have a partner to share the stress and anxiety that can come with traveling. Consequently, great solo travel destinations not only have the sights and attractions of a great trip, but also the safety, convenience and accessibility necessary for someone traveling alone.

Outlined here are some of the top solo travel destinations. Each of these destinations rates highly for safety, public transportation, accessibility as well as for exciting attractions. If you’re booking a solo vacation you can’t go wrong with any of these locations.

Norway will already be at the top of many traveler’s bucket lists with its majestic fjords, serene mountain landscape and quirky modern architecture. But this Scandinavian nation is especially great for solo arrivals.

norway fjords
Norway’s Fjords

Norway consistently is rated as one of the safest countries in the world, and has ample public transportation, incredible healthcare and impeccable cleanliness. Norway’s social culture is also decidedly introverted, making solo activities such as dining or reading alone a completely comfortable experience.

This island nation is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. And with its ancient temples, futuristic cities and widespread pop culture it’s easy to see why. Japan has something for everyone. If you’re on your own and looking for excitement and energy, no city can compare with Tokyo.

restaurants in japan
Restaurants in Japan

If you need something more low-key and reserved, take to the verdant countryside, or a smaller city nestled in the Japanese Alps. Regardless of where you go, Japan is perfect for solo travelers. Top notch healthcare, spotless cleanliness and peaceful public safety make it ideal for a solo trip.

Another island on our list, New Zealand is famous for its landscapes and vistas. Immortalized by its portrayal in the Lord of the Rings movie franchise, New Zealand’s South Island is especially noteworthy as an outdoor adventure destination.

new zealand landscapes
New Zealand’s Landscapes

New Zealand also features exotic and unique wildlife and a mild, temperate climate. Combine this all with high safety ratings and a friendly social culture and New Zealand makes a great choice for a solo trip.

Costa Rica is one of the best places to experience the planet’s incredible tropical rainforests. The small Central American nation has several National Parks that hold millions of unique plant and animal species.

costa rica beaches
A view from Costa Rica’s beaches

Eco-tourism enthusiasts will find a plethora of choices for tours that take you into rainforests or along sea turtle nesting beaches. Costa Rica is perfect if you’re traveling by yourself, with its excellent beaches and an exciting nightlife. This tropical stay is also one of the most affordable destinations on this list and promises a great time for an adventurous solo excursion.

Vietnam is affordable, electrifying and promises an unforgettable trip. Take your pick, stunning beaches, rainforest hikes or world-famous cuisine.

dusk vietnam
Dusk in Vietnam

Whether it’s walking through Hanoi’s historic French neighborhoods or visiting ancient temples, Vietnam is sure to surprise you. And it’s great for solo travelers, especially those on a budget. While it might not have the travel infrastructure as some of the other choices on this list, Vietnam makes up for it with its personality and vibrant atmosphere.

Sunny Spain has the third most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, to go with an unbeatable Mediterranean climate. Unparalleled safety and an efficient healthcare system make Spain a great destination for a first-time solo traveler.

belles artes madrid
Belles Artes Circle, Madrid

And whether it’s art, music, architecture, great cuisine, or sport that you’re interested, you’re sure to find the best in Spain. The Spanish are also famous for their welcoming and exuberant societal personality, so you’re sure to end your trip with more than a few new friends.

The second largest country in the world, Canada offers a wealth of different experiences for solo travelers. Solo travelers to Canada can enjoy wilderness trips to Banff National Park or spend an evening carousing around elegant Montreal.

le chateau frontenac
Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec

While Canada’s size makes cross-country travel difficult on public transportation, its major cities have robust transportation infrastructure along with great healthcare systems and low crime rates. Canada is the perfect place to try on the independence that comes with solo travel.

Iceland is one of the fastest growing travel destinations. And a glance at their brochures will show you why. Icebergs, volcanoes, geysers and quaint fishing villages are all part of this Nordic island paradise.

icelandic seascapes solo travel destinations
A common Icelandic seascape

Similarly, to their Scandinavian neighbors, Iceland boasts all the travel infrastructure vital when you’re by yourself. Stay at ease in this safe island nation where adventure awaits everywhere you turn.

When it comes to pure adventure, nothing will beat Chile’s Patagonia. Torres Del Paine National Park is world-renown for the incredible sights found within it. Glaciers, mountains, old-growth forests and unique wildlife are just some of the things you’ll only find here.

chile patagonia solo travel destinations
Patagonia, Chile

And if cultural pursuits are more your thing, you can enjoy the colonial architecture of Santiago or the brightly colored houses of artistic Valparaiso. Finally, don’t leave without visiting the famous Atacama Desert, one of the world’s driest deserts.

For an unforgettable cultural experience, a solo trip to Austria has no equal. Visit Salzburg to see the birthplace of Mozart, or Vienna, where countless classical composers ventured to make their mark on the world.

innsbruck austria solo travel destinations
Innsbruck, Austria

The Viennese coffeehouse has become a world-famous icon, as well as its museums, palaces and cathedrals. And if you need to stretch your legs, there’s no hike than in the beautiful Austrian alps. All of this is also perfect for solo travelers because it takes place in one of the most stable, peaceful and safe countries on Earth.

Solo travel isn’t easy. It requires more patience, independence and energy than traveling with a partner or a group. But the trade off can be an exhilarating trip filled with growth and increased confidence. Try out a solo trip with any of these destinations for your next trip.