By Tarran Street, on June 10, 2015

Time, peace of mind with the Expedia app

I love sitting in airports. I don’t much mind long layovers because it gives me an opportunity to watch people. Plus, it means I’m traveling, so I’m in my happy place. Some people get stressed out by traveling, and an airport is a perfect microcosm to witness people’s reactions to change.

Let’s face it. The world of travel largely is out of our hands. We choose the destination and the hotel and the flight we think will work. But outside factors impact our journey: weather, personnel issues, equipment malfunctions, the list goes on. It’s in moments like this where I am most impressed by the Expedia app.

We’ve talked before about how the Expedia app saves time (and money) when booking travel. The simple interface is easy to navigate and requires fewer than a dozen finger taps to select a flight. But additional elements are pleasantly surprising time savers. Check out our (informal) list of common scenarios that demonstrate what I mean:

  • Flight schedule change or cancellation. The Expedia app notifies you of the change the moment your flight schedule has changed or your flight is canceled. Whether you’re on the phone or in line to speak with a representative immediately to secure a new flight plan, you are more likely to get an agreeable answer because you’re in the know.
  • Flight delays. The Expedia app gives you a heads-up when delays happen so you know not to leave for the airport right away or can take your time finishing lunch at the in-airport café.
  • Seat on your flight. The Expedia app notifies you when you’re eligible to check in for your flight. You log in to confirm your seat, and have a chance to see if there are better seats for the taking. The app even lets you know if you’ve made the list for an upgrade!

  • Gate changes. The Expedia app shoots you notifications about gate changes so you don’t have to check the arrivals/departures boards inside the terminal constantly. Thanks to the app, you simply can gather your belongings and make your way to the new gate.
  • Overbooked hotel. The Expedia app tells you when you can check in to your hotel. If you want to be really diligent, the app also provides a direct phone number for your hotel, so you can call ahead to confirm your room and let them know your anticipated check-in time.
  • Traveling to your hotel when you don’t know the local language. We’re betting that before you depart you’ll learn essential phrases such as “please,” “thank you,” and words for common foods, locations, and monetary exchanges. If you’re nervous about putting these to use, you can whip out your Expedia app for your cab drivers to make sure they’re headed to the right place.
  • Unpredictable Internet connectivity. The Expedia app organizes all the details of your trip into one beautiful and easy-to-view mobile itinerary, from car rentals to hotels to activities to flights. The app also shows critical itinerary details and status updates, so you always have the most pertinent travel info ready to go at a moment’s notice. These features work even if your phone isn’t connected to WiFi or a mobile data network. So you don’t have to worry.
  • Sharing itinerary details with others. You’ve texted or emailed your Expedia itinerary to loved ones, but with the Expedia app, these loved ones get all the same notifications you do about your travels. If your flight is delayed, they know! This way they don’t have to go sit at the airport and wait for you.

Nuances like this that can make all the difference on a trip. It’s hard to quantify specific time savings from these features, but it’s easy to enjoy the peace of mind.

Download the Expedia app for your next trip and share your success stories with us!