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Cruising: It's perfect for your whole crew
Want to make family vacation planning a breeze? Take a cruise! With ships sailing from a growing number of ports, you can often avoid the hassle of flying with kids, and even if travel is necessary, there’s nothing else to arrange once your cruise is booked. Plus, a cruise can provide exceptional value.
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Cruisin’ with the kids
The top cruise lines offer fun doings for kids of all ages:
Little ones: Stories, arts & crafts, more
Tweens: Games, parties, karaoke, more
Teens: Discos, sports, video games, more
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But convenience isn’t all you get—a family cruise also means a boatload of new sights and experiences. On board, kids can join in supervised activities such as karaoke parties and sports tournaments, while mom goes for a facial, dad hits the golf cage, and grandma checks out the cooking demos. In port, kids can experience new cultures and landscapes, or even try something that’ll write their summer essays for them, like walking on an Alaskan glacier or swimming with stingrays in the Caribbean.

At sea, teens can hang out with peers while their younger siblings play in the kids’ club, and parents can enjoy time together knowing their young ones are being looked after. And with multigenerational activities, numerous dining options, and entertainment to please all ages, families may rediscover just how much they enjoy each other’s company.

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