Basilica of Our Lady

Visit a statue that is said to have performed miracles and see a chamber full of ancient treasures at this stunning Romanesque church.

Wander about the wide dark halls of the Basilica of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek) and admire art and murals dating back to the Middle Ages. Visit the Star of the Sea Chapel to see the statue of Mary within. For centuries, pilgrims from all over Europe have traveled to this statue in hope of being healed. Descend into the Treasury and marvel at a spellbinding array of silver, gold and other priceless artifacts. 

Start your visit on a café terrace in the surrounding square to enjoy a coffee with a view of the building’s stunning façade. Most of the Basilica of Our Lady was built during the 11th and 12th centuries and its high, ornate arches are a typical example of Romanesque architecture. The basilica is also known as the Star of the Sea because of the famous wooden statue of Mary in the chapel of the same name, but there are many other attractions including several historical artworks and the fascinating Treasury. 

Enter the cathedral’s main chamber and let your eyes adjust to the low lighting caused by the small, Gothic windows. Explore the altar, the crypts and the choirs and look out for the murals that line the walls. Among the most notable are pictures of St. Catherine and St. Christopher. Another artwork to look out for is the large sculpture depicting 20 scenes from the Old Testament.

The basilica’s most famous area is the Star of the Sea chapel. The wooden statue of Mary inside dates back to the 15th century. Over the years many worshippers have claimed to have been healed by the statue and pilgrims from all over Europe still visit to this day. 

Don’t miss the shining splendors of the Treasury. The collections includes silver and gold religious artifacts, such as copes and chasubles, ivory chests and robes worn by old saints.

Basilica of Our Lady is located in Our Dear Lady Square in the historical center of Maastricht. Several buses stop nearby and it is easy walking distance from the city center. The building is open daily and is free to enter. 

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