Cabo Girao

Brave the dizzying heights of this striking viewpoint to see some of the most spectacular views in Madeira. 

Plummeting straight down toward the ocean, Cabo Girao is among the tallest cliffs in Europe. Rising 1,900 feet (580 meters) above the water, it is one of the most photogenic points in the region. For extra thrills, follow the glass-floored skywalk to this scenic site, offering a clear view of the steep downward drop below.

As you stroll around the brick-paved viewpoint, look for the city of Funchal and the village of Câmara de Lobos in the distance. On a clear day, the blue sky is almost indistinguishable from the ocean at the horizon.

Walk onto the glass skywalk, which extends out over the cliff face. Look straight down to see waves crashing against the coastline far below.

Browse the souvenirs at the nearby shop or take a look at the products displayed by local merchants around the lookout point. Try your luck at bargaining for the best price on a piece of jewelry or other handcrafted item. 

Look for the Fajas de Cabo Girao terraced fields, a series of cultivated plots perched below the cliff. Farmers have long braved the terraces’ precarious location because the cliffs provide shelter, creating favorable growing conditions for vines and crops. Take a moment to imagine the determination of the early settlers who first created fields and vineyards in this rocky terrain. Once only accessible by boat, farmers can now reach these terraces via a cable car built in 2003.

Pay the small fee and take the cable-car ride to see a different perspective of the famous cliff. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of paragliders or base-jumpers taking the plunge at this popular launch spot.

Cabo Girao is located 11 miles (17 kilometers) west of Funchal. A local bus runs regularly to the cliff. Rent a car and take advantage of the parking offered on-site. There is no admission fee to visit the skywalk so visitors are free to enjoy the view anytime.

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