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Enjoy natural beauty in the geographic heartland of the state, where rolling hills, lakes and rivers provide ample opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Instead of bright lights, big cities or crowded monuments, central West Virginia has peaceful farmland, small arty towns and unspoiled rivers, lakes and wilderness areas. Breathe in fresh air in the green landscapes, drive up your heart rate with exciting sporting experiences and enjoy the relaxed pace of life in laid-back towns.

The central region of West Virginia has long relied upon industries such as energy, agriculture and forestry, with tourism growing rapidly. Drive through the state today and look for evidence of this burgeoning industry. In particular, you’ll find an increasing number of campgrounds and vacation properties on the edges of its lakes and rivers.

Base yourself in Summersville for easy access to Summersville Lake. Enjoy water-based activities, such as fishing, boating, swimming and kayaking. With its fast-flowing whitewater rapids, nearby Gauley River is a must for thrill-seekers. Familiarize yourself with regional Civil War history at the Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park.

Continue north to the town of Flatwoods, known for its association with the Flatwoods monster. This legend revolves around the rumored sighting of an extra-terrestrial entity in 1952. Venture just south of town to reach the Flatwoods Factory Outlet Stores, where you can shop for discounted goods.

The little village of Bulltown, farther north again, is also well worth visiting. Discover more about Civil War history at the Bulltown Historic Area, which occupies an old battle site. Walk along interpretive trails and look for remnants of an old fort.

Stop at the Burnsville Lake Wildlife Management Area, which encompasses the 968-acre (392-hectare) Burnsville Lake. Fish during the day and stay overnight in designated camping areas.

Much of the central West Virginia region is rural and not well served by regular public transportation, so rent a car for exploring. Highways make it easy to navigate. This part of the state is still largely overlooked by both domestic and international travelers, allowing you to experience the lush landscapes without encountering crowds or traffic.

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