Jardín de San Marcos

Rest in a peaceful, elegant garden that has become one of the iconic symbols of Aguascalientes and one of the main venues of an annual festival.

Step beneath one of four elegant archways marking the entrances to the Jardín de San Marcos and enter a leafy, relaxing garden space in the center of Aguascalientes. The gardens, named after the city’s patron saint, are covered in a variety of trees and eye-catching bronze sculptures. Wander along shaded paths and sit on one of the benches to watch the locals mingle in this serene setting.

The gardens were created in 1842 in a neoclassical style, with the four archways facing the compass points. As you explore, look for details from the original construction of the gardens, such as the pink-stone balustrades and iron benches. The paths in the gardens extend outward from a central pagoda and wind around patches of established trees and seasonal flowers.

Find statues dotted throughout the park. The bronze sculptures feature figures representing different aspects of local culture and life in Aguascalientes. Spot a skeletal cleaner brushing the pavement and a shoe-shining child ready to start work. Other statues include two old men chatting on a bench and a woman selling flowers.

At the western end of the garden lies the Templo de San Marcos. Although the first stone for the church was laid in 1655, the structure wasn’t completed until 110 years later. Step inside to admire vast religious paintings and a sculpture of St. Mark at the main altar. Listen for local legends of a ghost wandering around the garden watching over his treasure. The figure is said to pray near the church before disappearing.

The garden is one of the main venues for Feria de San Marcos, an annual fair and festival that celebrates the patron saint. Attend this festival during late April. It lasts for 3 weeks and features over 1,500 concerts, sports events and street parties, as well as a pop-up casino.

The Jardín de San Marcos is located near the historic center of Aguascalientes. Walk to the garden from sites such as the Plaza de la Patria and the National Museum of Death, both of which are less than 15 minutes away on foot.

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