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Pick from 115 Milwaukee Hotels with a Pool and compare room rates, reviews, and availability. Most hotels are fully refundable.

The Pfister Hotel
4.5 star property
9.4 out of 10, Exceptional, (1298)
"I liked the fancy environment and how my bellman was very knowledgeable but I wish the front desk had more answers and were more helpful about questions. Anyways so far a great stay and clean! "
The price is $177
$210 total
includes taxes & fees
May 20 - May 21
The Pfister Hotel
Bar (on property)
Marriott Milwaukee West
3.5 star property
9.2 out of 10, Wonderful, (1000)
"All is well."
The price is $114
$129 total
includes taxes & fees
May 24 - May 25
Marriott Milwaukee West