Nauset Beach

Vast expanses of white sand, light blue water and gentle waves mingle with the sounds of seabirds and seals at this secret gem in Cape Cod.

One of the highlights of a visit to Cape Cod is a trip to Nauset Beach. Arrive in East Orleans to find saltbox houses and buttery lobster rolls in abundance, all walking distance from some of the most beautiful beaches in New England. Take a camera with you when you visit Nauset Beach.

Not far from Skaket Beach, Nauset Beach is a great place to spend a long day enjoying traditional seaside activities, including swimming or surfing with your family. It is also a wonderful place to simply relax.

Starfish, box turtles and seals are common sightings here. Quietly observe as these creatures come to lie near you on the shore to sleep in the sun. Retreat onto drier land and observe a sunset from a blanket strewn in front of wind-whipped dunes.

Visit Nauset Beach on-season or off. You may feel that the beach is your own private sanctuary due to its lack of crowds. During weekdays, you’ll find extra privacy. The sand here is heavy and fine-grained so you can create elaborate sandcastles. Test your architectural skills and see how your structures endure.

Show up early to surf, fish for bass or claim a spot from which to watch the sunrise. Bring a ball to play catch or frolic in the soft foam coming in from the gentle tide. Bring a picnic and enjoy the feeling of warm sand on your toes as you find a spot to sit down for lunch. If you drive, pay to park. However, spaces can become scarce during the busier summer months. 

Ample accommodations in eastern Cape Cod allow you to extend your stay for as long as you want. Stay walking distance from the Nauset Beach or in the heart of the small town. The beach is only a 2-mile (3-kilometer) walk from the center of East Orleans. On the way, enjoy seeing many beautiful vistas and striking colonial homes.

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