Pajuçara Beach

Take a boat to a natural shallow pool and cycle along the promenade in this busy beach area of bars and restaurants.

Among the most iconic bays in the region, Pajuçara Beach is a popular destination with stunning scenery. It consists of a long stretch of golden sand with waters so calm and clear that it looks like a natural swimming pool. Stroll along the coastal boulevard at the back of the beach for excellent views of the boats on the water.

Go kayaking or Jet Skiing on the placid ocean water, which is protected by underwater reefs. It is a relatively safe area where children can swim. Snorkel beneath the surface to spot a range of colorful fish. The beach is particularly flat, making it ideal for building sand castles and beachcombing with the kids. Pay for a boat ride out to natural shallow pools of water away from the coast.

Relax in the shade of palm trees and read a book. Work on your tan and cool off with a dip in the clear ocean water. Capture photos of the Maceió skyline, as it curves along the back of the beach. Small tables and stalls provide scenic picnic spots. Stay for the sunset and watch the sky gradually change hues.

Enjoy a seafood specialty from one of the restaurants near the beach. Purchase snacks and refreshments from small bars and cafés with thatched roofs. Cycle in the designated lane on the main road adjacent to the beach.

Note that the beach can be fairly busy in peak seasons. The site, which is free to enter at any time, is among the most popular in the city due to its proximity to the Centro district.

Pajuçara Beach covers a large section of the southeastern flank of the city’s central zone. Take a train to Maceió Station and walk east for 30 minutes to get to the beach. Nearby attractions include the Gustavo Leite Theater, the Teotonio Vilela Memorial and several plazas.

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