Santo Antonio Fort Ruins

Delve into the island’s military past with a trip to the stone remains of a fortress on a grassy cliff.

Standing atop a rock overlooking its eponymous port, Santo Antonio Fort Ruins comprises the crumbling remains of an 18th-century island stronghold. It was built in a trapezoid shape surrounded by eight cannons and two buildings, although only arches and lone walls survive today. Appreciate the idyllic backdrop of the ocean and the colorful boats of the Santo Antonio Port beyond the ruins.

Inspect the crumbling stone of the remaining arches and columns. Imagine the fort in its full glory centuries ago, when it served as one of the many protective barriers of the island. The coat of arms that once flew from the top of the main portal was sent to the National History Museum in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th century.

Capture photos of your friends standing in the arches of the fort’s remains. For your background, choose from a range of picturesque landmarks, such as Morro do Pico and Dois Irmãos Hill. At the bottom of the hill lie a port and a small beach. Find a spot for a picnic and watch fishermen at work. Go on a diving or snorkeling excursion with a tour operator from the port.

Discover the charming São Pedro Chapel nearby on the green hill. Admire its beautiful carved doors and look inside the simple structure. Enjoy the serene ambiance with a vista of the ocean through the arches. Vessels too large for the port are anchored in the sparkling blue water beyond the mossy cliffs.

The fort was initially constructed in 1737 under the guidance of military engineer Diogo da Silveira and Lieutenant Colonel João Lobo de Lacerda. Visit the ruins for free at any time.

Santo Antonio Fort Ruins are in the northeastern corner of the archipelago’s main island. Visit nearby attractions, such as the Shark Museum, São Pedro Chapel and the port. Walk east along the shore from the small village of Vila dos Remédios to get here.

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