Taichung Park

Spend a few peaceful hours in this attractive green space, home to a lake and one of Taichung’s most well-known landmarks.

Enjoy some relaxation in Taichung Park, a beautiful green space in the center of the city. Row a boat on the lake, stroll through Chinese gardens and see a pavilion building that's more than 100 years old.

Taichung Park occupies the site of the city’s first Chinese settlement, which was established in 1721. The area was further developed by the Japanese after they took control of the country. It was turned into a 49-acre (20-hectare) park in 1903.

Walk along attractive tree-lined paths and go up to the large statue of a goat. The sculpture was installed during the Taiwan Lantern Festival in 2003, the Chinese Year of the Goat.

Rent a boat or kayak and paddle across the large man-made lake, which is straddled by an attractive red wooden bridge. In the middle of the lake is one of Taichung’s most recognizable sites, the Hu Xin Pavilion, a beautiful wooden creation that is built on underwater concrete supports. The building is often pictured on the city’s souvenirs and postcards and was constructed in 1908 as a temporary structure to celebrate the opening of a railway.

After your short rowing trip, visit some of the park's other landmarks. These include Taichung Wu's Residence gatehouse and Taiwan Castle North gate.

If you are feeling energetic, play a game of tennis in one of the courts or jog along the paths. Children can get plenty of exercise in their own playground.

Stop by Taichung Park in the evening when its main bridge is lit up by a light display. The park also hosts cultural events and festivals throughout the year, so it is worth finding out if anything special is taking place during your visit.

Taichung Park is situated in the heart of Taichung and can be reached by bus. There is no charge for admission.

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