About Your Ad Experience

We know you put a lot of effort into researching and planning a trip. Expedia.com strives to provide a helpful, easy travel booking experience.

We want to equip you with relevant information to make the best travel decisions possible—that includes the ads you see on Expedia.com and elsewhere on the Internet. We use your anonymous travel search and shopping behavior to improve your ad experience. This is called behavioral advertising. For example, if you shop for a flight to Hawaii, you may see ads for hotel deals in Hawaii or for other products and services related to your trip. You may see these ads both on Expedia.com and on other Web sites you visit.

Your trust is our top priority. We do not use personally identifiable information for behavioral advertising. Expedia.com keeps anonymous travel search and shopping behavior used to target these ads separate from personal information used to make bookings. We are committed to appropriately protecting all the information we collect.

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For information on how to opt out of behavioral advertising elsewhere on the Internet, click here or here.