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Get close to the thunderous torrent of Niagara Falls on this once-in-a-lifetime tour, which will leave you both soaked and exhilarated.

Take the spectacular Cave of the Winds tour at Niagara Falls, one of the world’s largest cascades. Bring a waterproof camera and prepare to get wet this tour brings you within exhilarating striking distance of the torrential waters.

The original Cave of the Winds was a natural cavern behind Bridal Veil Falls, one of the cascades on the U.S. side of Niagara Falls. Tours once guided visitors inside this 130-foot-high (40-meter) cave before it was destroyed by a rock fall. Today, take the safe tour to the base of Bridal Veil Falls, which still offers visitors the exhilarating winds, mist and proximity to crashing water that made the original cave so attractive.

The tour begins with an elevator ride 175 feet (53 meters) down into Niagara Gorge, the area between the Canadian and American falls. Donned in a visibility poncho and grip-enhanced sandals provided by the tour operators, follow redwood walkways toward Bridal Veil Falls.

The main attraction is the “Hurricane Deck,” a platform just 20 feet (6 meters) from the major cascade. Feel the raw power of the waterfall, which crashes against the rocks and throws up an effervescent mist. Embrace the dousing and the windy conditions, which create the atmosphere of a tropical storm. Look for rainbows created by light refracting through water droplets that hang in the air.

Walk to another observation deck, located about 150 feet (46 meters) back from the falls, for a picture-perfect view. This platform is ideal for visitors with disabilities or small children.

Note that the Hurricane Deck is dismantled in the fall due to risk of ice floe damage and rebuilt in spring. After the tour, stop at the Aquarium of Niagara to see penguins and sharks being fed.

The Cave of the Winds tour is located along the U.S.-Canadian border in Niagara Falls State Park, which was established more than 130 years ago. Drive here from Buffalo Niagara International Airport along Interstate 90. On-site parking is available for a fee. This reasonably priced tour operates daily.

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