Cesar Chavez Park

Attend a concert, browse the local produce in the farmers market, or simply rest a while beneath the shade of a tree in Sacramento’s favorite city park.

Cesar Chavez Park occupies an entire 2.5-acre (1-hectare) block in central Sacramento and provides a chance for locals and visitors alike to relax in the center of the city.

Find a spot to yourself among the plantations of native trees or at one of the park’s many picnic benches. At lunchtime you’ll see the park fill up with locals who leave their offices to stroll the gravel paths or sit in the cool air beside the central fountain.

Several of Sacramento’s most notable buildings, including the Renaissance-style library and the Citizen’s Hotel, overlook the park.

While the park is a great place to take a break any time of year, the space comes alive when it hosts many of the city’s most popular events. Bring a cushion and a picnic any Friday night during summer and you will be treated to the excellent free concert series, featuring local rock, blues or punk bands. Sample the best of local produce on Wednesday mornings from May to Thanksgiving, when the park welcomes the farmers market, selling locally produced honey, meats and vegetables.

In March, a popular rally pays homage to the man for whom the park was named. Cesar Chavez was a campaigner for the rights of farm workers, and he is honored with celebrations including guest speakers, poetry performances and food.

Wine buffs and food lovers should attend Raley’s Grape Escape in June, when the best restaurants and wine producers from the area combine to put on a treat for the taste buds. If you like your food spicy, try the Tamales Festival in September, held to commemorate Mexican Independence Day.

At other times of the year you’ll find good food and coffee in the Café Soleil, a local favorite located near the western entrance to the park.

Cesar Chavez Park is open all hours. There is metered parking on the street and a pay parking garage across from the park. Walking through the park alone at night is not recommended.

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