Jujuy Province

Jujuy showing mountains and landscape views

Breathtaking landscapes, pretty mountain villages, vibrant markets and colorful festivals await in Argentina’s northernmost province. 

An inspiring abundance of stunning scenery and traditional cultures welcomes visitors to Jujuy. Visit salt plains and multicolored cliffs, drive along scenic highways, explore the markets of photogenic villages and take part in lively festivities. Jujuy sits in the far north of Argentina and shares borders with Bolivia and Chile. Alongside Salta, Jujuy province is one of the best places in Argentina to experience time-honored Andean customs.

Start in unassuming San Salvador de Jujuy, the provincial capital established by the Spanish in the late 1500s. Find tranquil plazas and colonial-era monuments as you wander the city streets and visit restaurants. Try locro, a type of Andean stew. Hike to Cerro de Claros and Cerro Chuquina for a glimpse of the region’s impressive landscapes.

Major attractions stretch north from San Salvador de Jujuy. Travel along Ruta 9 via bus, rented car or bike. This scenic highway cuts through the Quebrada de Humahuaca, a magnificent valley framed by mountains and peppered with interesting towns. Go to Purmamarca, home to the “Hill of Seven Colors,” Cerro de los Siete Colores.

Continue on Ruta 9 to discover more atmospheric towns. Check out the pastel-colored hills and hilltop cemetery of Maimará. Spend the day exploring the craft markets and restaurants of Tilcara. Visit the town’s pre-Incan fortress or join a trek to Parque Nacional Calilegua’s enchanting cloud-steeped forest. A short drive north of Tilcara is Humahuaca, a colonial town that showcases Jujuy’s native cultures. Be part of the Carnaval de Humahuaca, a festival that honors the Inca goddess Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Venture to Jujuy’s isolated northern hamlets such as Iruya and Yavi. Spot endemic water birds at Laguna de los Pozuelos and encounter a crossroads of Argentine-Bolivian culture at the frontier town of La Quiaca.

Spring and autumn are good times to visit as these seasons coincide with big festivals and the temperatures are milder. For adventure, natural beauty and ancient customs, there are few better Argentine destinations than Jujuy.

Popular cities in Jujuy Province

Learn about the making of modern Argentina in the dusty desert plains decorated by cacti and stunning mountain peaks of varying colors.

Reasons to visit

  • Monumento a los Heroes de la Independencia
Jujuy featuring a lake or waterhole
San Salvador de Jujuy
The gateway to Argentina’s indigenous heartland, this northern city is also home to Spanish-era monuments, excellent museums and superb restaurants. 
Purmamarca which includes desert views and mountains
Hike along the circuits that meander through a reconstructed Inca complex and relish the views of the colorful desert mountains.
Purmamarca featuring a small town or village, mountains and desert views
Marvel at the reds, pinks and yellows in the otherworldly terrain of this scenic town in the heart of the Quebrada de Humahuaca mountains.
La Quiaca
La Quiaca
Escape to La Quiaca! Enjoy its monuments.
Huacalera is calling! Discover its spas, mountain views, art, and more.