Lima Region

Plaza Mayor featuring a square or plaza, landscape views and a city
Relax on beaches, tour desert ruins and see the colonial architecture of the country’s vibrant capital city in this region on the central coast.

The region of Lima comprises a varied topography of mountains, deserts, beaches and a thriving capital. It has picturesque nature reserves, archeological Inca sites and an intriguing colonial history emphasized by colorful architecture. Explore the entire region, from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

For an understanding of the culture and history, visit the city of Lima in the Rimac River valley. Enjoy the iconic cuisine of the city, known for its Japanese seafood fusions. The affluent district of Miraflores features restaurants along boulevards and waterfront promenades. Enjoy a traditional meal of a ceviche seafood cocktail with a pisco alcoholic drink.

Spend an afternoon in Lima Centro for the old Spanish churches and museums that shed light on the Inca history of the area through vast collections of indigenous objects. The central plaza is enormous, overlooked by the cathedral and the mountains in the distance. Make the most of the year-round warm weather with a trip to one of Lima’s urban beaches. The dry season runs from May through September.

In the outskirts of the city of Lima lie the region’s best beaches, sheltered by sandstone cliffs. Admire the gorgeous coastlines of Huacho, Chancay and Barranco. Marvel at the impressive Pachacamac fortress that faces the ocean. A little north of Huacho is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Caral-Supe, a desert region with 5,000-year-old pyramids.

For a change of scenery, travel to Lunahuaná, where you can take a whitewater rafting tour of the Cañete River. Combine the river activities with a trip to the Incahuasi archeological site. Head inland along the Rimac Valley for the pre-historic site of Cajamarquilla and see the spectacular rock formations of Marcahuasi.

The region lies on the Pacific Coast and is in the central western part of the country. Chimbote is to the north, with Ayacucho and Cusco to the southeast. Fly to the Jorge Chávez International Airport and get around the area by bus.

Lima is a region featuring an exciting mix of cultural hotspots, inventive cuisine, wonderful beaches and adventure sites.

Popular cities in Lima Region

Exposition Park featuring a fountain and a park as well as a large group of people
Known for Dining, Shopping and Museums
Spanish colonial houses, exquisite food, musicians in traditional dress, oceanfront entertainment and fine museums make the Peruvian capital a feast for the senses.

Reasons to visit

  • Plaza de Armas de Lima
  • Plaza San Martin
  • Exposition Park
Known for Natural parks, Monuments and Historical
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Known for Natural parks and Historical
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Known for Ports, Walking and Beach view
Love beaches and history? Get away to Barranca!
Known for Universities and Shopping
Huacho awaits: its university life and more!
Un lugar tan especial, al llegar sientes tanta energia. Buen lugar para meditar !!! A conocer
San Pedro de Casta
Known for Natural parks
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