Plaza Mayor de Palma

Enjoy excellent food and drink or simply view the fantastic 14th-century architecture at the epicenter of Mallorca’s capital city.

Spend time in Plaza Mayor de Palma and discover the cultural heart of Mallorca’s capital city. Eat and drink in some of the island’s best traditional bars and restaurants or walk down the surrounding streets and shop in boutique stores. Be entertained by street performers, such as jugglers and musicians, who converge in the square or simply take a seat in a café and watch the crowds bustling past as they have for centuries. 

There is a local saying that “all roads lead to Plaza Mayor.” It is certainly the hub of Palma’s social and commercial scene. The huge square is surrounded by 14th-century buildings which once housed the offices of the Spanish Inquisition. Now it is a popular area of the city featuring weekly markets, regular events and numerous galleries, shopping opportunities and cafés. 

Wander the busy streets that surround the plaza and you will stumble upon shops selling all kinds of traditional clothing and jewelry. The plaza is known for its excellent galleries, so be sure to stop and view paintings and sculptures from some of the city’s best artists. 

Come during the evening to experience a different side to the plaza, when it becomes one of the town’s main social hubs. Sip cocktails in lively bars and watch local bands and solo musicians. 

Don’t miss the markets which take place during the mornings on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Uncover fantastic handmade goods, like clothing and sculptures, or shop for local delicacies such as cured meats, grilled fish and delicious figs. 

Find Plaza Mayor de Palma at the center of the city’s old town directly between the Parc de les Estacions and the Palma Cathedral. Several buses stop nearby. Many of the shops remain open year-round; however, most of the bars become noticeably quieter outside of the summer months. Live music acts generally appear on weekends. 

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