Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation

Home to the Paiute people for an estimated 10,000 years, this picturesque reservation provides insight into local Native American life and history.

Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation covers 750 square miles (1,900 square kilometers) of countryside in northwestern Nevada. The lake covers a quarter of the area, including Anaho Island. The reservation is home to over 1,000 tribal members, and is available for everyone to enjoy.

Start your trip with a visit to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor Center. Learn about the rich Paiute history as you wander among the extraordinary collection of local artifacts. The exhibits explore the culture, costume and leadership structure of the Paiute, as well as the geology of the area. You’ll also gain an appreciation of the significance of Pyramid Lake to the local tribe and why they view it with such deep respect.

At the visitor center, purchase any permits needed for fishing, day-use or camping and pick up a map before heading deeper into the park. Part of the tribe’s income comes from visitor permits, and there’s a hefty fine for fishing without one.

The reservation's many roads and trails are open to explore, and you can easily spend a full day here. Check out the spectacular tufa rock formations, as well as stunning views over the surrounding mountains. Sit on the shore of Pyramid Lake and contemplate Anaho Island, or wade in for a refreshing dip. These waters are home to cutthroat trout, Sacramento perch and the ancient cui-ui fish, among other marine life. Fishing season runs from October to June, making this a busy time on the reservation.

The Paiute tribe call themselves Numu, “The People,” and are deeply connected to their land. Remember to be respectful while traveling through their territory; don’t touch or walk on the ancient petroglyph (rock art) sites, and take all refuse when you leave. Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation is located 40 miles (64 kilometers) north of Reno, and best accessible by car. If you want to stay longer than a day trip, there are a few RV parks and a lodge. There are also small shops for groceries, supplies and permits. 

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