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Cross an innovative bridge that tells time in an enormous park full of family activities within this picturesque city.

How do you get to Redding?

You can find the scenic city of Redding on the Sacramento River in northern California. Lakes, mountains and forests encircle the picturesque region. Popular activities include camping, hiking and sailing. Visit the Turtle Bay Exploration Park to see many of the principal attractions.

Stroll along the Sundial Bridge, which was built in 2004. The innovative architecture features a large sundial at one end of the bridge. Walk along one of the peaceful nature trails near the water. Enjoy striking views of the Sacramento River as it meanders through the park.

Explore 300 acres (121 hectares) of scenic grounds, gardens, shows and children’s activities in the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. The park’s museum holds intriguing artifacts and works of art. Look for the impressive butterfly exhibit.

Take the kids to the play area near Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp. View animals and learn about their habitats. Get involved with interactive educational activities. See the gigantic log that dates back to 1850. It weighs 29,600 pounds (13,426 kilograms).

Discover the eerie atmosphere in the ghost town of Shasta State Historic Park, 6 miles (10 kilometers) west of Redding. The area was an active municipality and a commercial center in northern California until the late 1880s. The town was gradually abandoned when the railroad came to Redding. See the restored amenities and structures as they were many decades ago in the old mining town.

Redding has a municipal airport, which connects it to select major cities in the U.S. You can also reach Redding by train and bus. The Redding Area Bus Authority operates services within the city.

After exploring Redding’s gems, including the activity park and the ghost town, go camping in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. Marvel at panoramic views of the lake, surrounded by mossy green mountains. Spot waterfalls and colorful flowers as you walk along some of the 70 miles (113 kilometers) of scenic trails.

Things to do in Redding

The family will enjoy a trip to Bethel Church, a favorite attraction in Redding. Wander the area's riverfront or simply enjoy one of its charming coffeehouses.

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