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Samana showing tropical scenes, a sandy beach and a sunset
Delight in the simple charm of this port town that attracts tourists with a picturesque coastline and forests to be explored on horseback or by zip line.

Get in touch with the Dominican Republic’s natural offerings in the small seaside town of Samana. Stroll pristine beaches, explore forests or go boating out into the bay.

Begin each day along the Samana El Malecon, the town’s oceanfront promenade. Here you’ll find many of the town’s best restaurants and cafés for a satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner by the bay.

Just a few minutes walk from downtown Samana, the Cayacoa Beach attracts hundreds of visitors on hot days. To experience one of the region’s prettiest beaches, buy a ticket for the boat from the Samana port to Cayo Levantatdo. This peaceful beach sits on an island in the bay and offers incredible views of the Dominican coastline.

Take a walk along Samana’s iconic Los Puentes, otherwise known as the “bridges to nowhere.” This 0.8-mile (1.3-kilometer) stretch of walkway was once intended to lead to a casino, but now serves as a great place to sit on a bench and watch the sun set over the island of Cayo Vigia.

Some of the region’s best features are outside the town limits. Take scenic daytrips to the mangrove swamps of Los Haitises National Park and spot dolphins in the San Lorenzo Bay. Hire a guide and ride on horseback to the superb El Limon Waterfalls. Samana’s popular zip-line tours take you on exhilarating rides over the lush forestland, with some lines descending 40 stories.

When the sun goes down, return to El Malecon, where bars, discos and outdoor terraces provide drinks and entertainment.

Samana is a town that provides all the necessities for a modern traveler. Enjoy the convenience of a supermarket, four banks and good telephone and internet coverage. An international airport also serves the town and is about 15 minutes away. Rent a car to get around outside Samana.

Where to stay in Samaná

Samana showing a bay or harbor, tropical scenes and boating

Samaná Centro

While there might not be top attractions in Samaná Centro, you can explore the larger area and discover places like Samana Bay and Cayo Levantado Beach.

Samaná Centro